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Lake Zurich 3-Alarm Fire on 11-4-10

Another extra alarm fire this week occurred on the border where Lake Zurich’s Fire Protection District meets with Barrington’s Fire Protection District. The house at 24506 W. Scott Road, with a Barrington mailing address, sustained major damage. If the house was on the other side of the street it would evidently have been in Barrington’s district.

Just after 11PM the resident reported a fire on the second floor of the house. First arriving companies reported fire showing and thick black smoke venting from the attic. The house is located right along the roadway which is a very long, narrow, dead end street. Second due companies were ordered to back in and lay a large diameter supply line out to Route 59 for tanker ops. After Engine 3214 setup, Barrington’s tanker backed in to supply additional water until the tanker shuttle could be initiated. Companies laid over 2,100 feet of 5-inch large diameter hose (LDH) from the house to Route 59 where Lake Zurich Engine 3211 setup to draft from a portable tank. Within minutes of arriving, a 2nd Alarm MABAS Box was requested. Until crews were available to move the LDH out of the road, firefighters had to walk almost a half mile to the scene. Once the road was open, additional rigs including Palatine’s quint, Deerfield’s squad, a Countryside ambulance for rehab, and one of the MESS Support rigs were able to advance to the scene. A short time later, a MABAS Polaris ATV assigned to MABAS Division 4, was brought to the scene to shuttle additional companies from staging to the scene.

Lake Zurich Fire Department Pierce Saber 3-alarm fire 11-4-10

Lake Zurich Engine 3214, a 1997 Pierce Saber, was the first engine to arrive at the fire. This company pulled a line and had 1,000 gallons of water to work with until the Barrington tanker could back up the street providing an additional 3,000 gallons. Larry Shapiro photo

Barrington Fire Department tanker Lake Zurich 3rd alarm fire 11-4-10

Barrington Tanker 3668 is a 1981/1990 3D/US Tank, 3,000-gallon tanker on an IHC F3674 chassis. This was used to nurse Lake Zurich Engine 3214 until the tanker ops could be initiated from Route 59. Larry Shapiro photo

Lake Zurich Fire Department Pierce Saber 3rd alarm fire 11-4-10

Lake Zurich Engine 3212 is one of four Pierce Saber pumpers in the fleet. After laying out all 750-feet of LDH, it is positioned out of the way to make room for tenders to fill the portable tanks. Larry Shapiro photo

Lake Zurich house fire 1-4-10

Surrounded by mansions on this isolated block, this farmhouse sits right on the roadway. As fire vents out of the second floor, Grayslake firefighters bring a ground ladder around to the 'C' side of the structure. Larry Shapiro photo

Lake Zurich house fire 11-4-10 Deerfield Fire Department squad

Deerfield's squad moved up to the scene and filled air bottles. They were able to deploy thier Wil-Burt light tower to illuminate the street and an area setup for rehab. This shot shows just how narrow the road was with the LDH deployed. Larry Shapiro photo

Fox River Grove American LaFrance engine

Fox River Grove Engine 641 is a 2004, American LaFrance on an Eagle chassis. Positioned as one of the first arriving mutual aid companies, it was well poised to illuminate the tanker ops with a telescoping light tower. Larry Shapiro photo


One of the MABAS Polaris ATV units which is housed in Lake County was brought to the scene and was utilized to ferry companies from the staging area to the scene when they were needed. Here the Lake Forest company, which arrived on the 3rd alarm, is moving up to the scene to relieve another company. Larry Shapiro photo

Grayslake Fire Department Seagrave engine

Grayslake's new Seagrave engine sits in staging on Route 59. Larry Shapiro photo

A large gallery of images from this fire can be viewed HERE.

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Waukegan 2-11 on 11-5-10

Jeff Rudolph took in the 2nd alarm tender box yesterday in Waukegan and submitted several photos. The fire on 11/05/10 came in at 1400hrs. and was at 5666 W. Victor Lane in the far southwest corner of their district. It is a non-hydranted area. Fire was in the attached garage of a 1-story frame.  Knollwood E44 was used to draft water supplied by the tenders.

Waukegan Fire Department E-ONE engine 2-11 fire 11-5-10

Waukegan E-2 (1612), a 1991 E-ONE Cyclone 1500/750 has a pre-connect of at the fire. Photo by Jeff Rudolph

Grayslake Fire Department Mack tender at a 2nd alarm fire in Waukegan 11-5-10

This Grayslake tender is a 1989 Mack/Darley/Stuart 1000/4000. It is one of the tenders that responded to the call for mutual aid into Waukegan. by Jeff Rudolph

Pleasant Prairie Fire Department Pierce Arrow tanker tender

Pleasant Prairie, WI travelled the farthest distance of all the mutual aid companies. Tender 5613 was built by Pierce on an Arrow chassis. Photo by Jeff Rudolph

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Final fire for Winnetka truck 28?

Winnetka is due to place their new Smeal quint in service next week. Yesterday, the current Truck 28, which is a 1990, Pierce Arrow, 75′ quint, responded to a box alarm in Glencoe. Though the aerial wasn’t put to work, this may very well have been the last working fire response for this unit. A small gallery of scene images can be seen HERE.

Winnetka Fire Department 1990 Pierce truck 28

Truck 28 on-scene in Glencoe on 11-5-10 at a box alarm for a basement fire in a new home. This may be the last real fire for this 1990 workhorse which is scheduled for replacement in roughly a week. Larry Shapiro photo

Winnetka Fire Department 1990 Pierce Arrow quint

Truck 28 was delivered with the Winnetka Fire Department decal design which was designed from their patch featuring the rising sun on the lake. Larry Shapiro photo

Winnetka Fire Department truck 28 winter fire

Winnetka Truck 28 is the first-due truck into neighboring Glencoe. Over the years, Glencoe has had a number of fires where Truck 28 went to work. It is seen here at an extra alarm in December of 2000. The door decal shows the current emblem which replaced the sun rising over the lake. Larry Shapiro collection

Winnetka Fire Department truck 28 fire in Kenilworth

Winnetka provides fire and EMS services to Kenilworth in addition to Winnetka. Several years ago they added the Kenilworth name to each piece of apparatus. In this image, Truck 28 is setup in the driveway of a large house in Kenilworth at a fire around the time of halloween. If you look closely, you will see a skeleton hanging by the front door. Larry Shapiro collection

Winnetka Fire Department nighttime house fire

Three homes burned on the night of September 25th in 1996 on Edgewood Lane, which is on the border between Glencoe and Winnetka. One house was under construction at the time and was totally destroyed. Winnetka Truck 28 went to work here as part of this defensive attack with an elevated master stream. At the time of this fire, the old decal was still in use. Larry Shapiro collection

Winnetka Fire Department American LaFrance ALF Alfco 900 series mid-mount

In 1990 when Truck 28 went into service, it replaced this 900 Series 100' mid-ship American LaFrance Ladder Chief. Prior to the creation of RED Center (Regional Emergency Dispatch) which was originally out of Niles' headquarters station, Winnetka's apparatus carried numbers in the 70s. This was Truck 70. Then with RED Center, all of the fire departments in MABAS Division 3 were renumbered consecutively in an attempt to create a more standardized cohesive system. Larry Shapiro collection

The sequence of photos depict three different types of graphics packages on the Winnetka trucks over the years. Originally, as seen on the 900 Series, American LaFrance Ladder Chief, the only name on the trucks was Winnetka and the unit number was in a decorative emblem of gold leaf. Later they took the patch design with the rising sun over the lake, which was followed by a new patch and decal incorporating a traditional shield shape. Within the seal they incorporated a design that was created for their centennial which features a maltese cross with a steamer. The new 2010 Spartan/Smeal unit will feature different graphics again. The work has not yet been completed, but is rumored to have a return to a more traditional way of featuring the rig number along with the decal.

When the new aerial goes into service, the 1990 Pierce will be moving on to another life with a fire department in southern Illinois.

In other Winnetka news…

…Engine 28, a 2000, Pierce, Saber, top-mount, is currently under going repairs and refurbishing. When it returns, it will have a black roof to match the new truck.

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