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Waukegan 2-11 on 11-5-10

Jeff Rudolph took in the 2nd alarm tender box yesterday in Waukegan and submitted several photos. The fire on 11/05/10 came in at 1400hrs. and was at 5666 W. Victor Lane in the far southwest corner of their district. It is a non-hydranted area. Fire was in the attached garage of a 1-story frame.  Knollwood E44 was used to draft water supplied by the tenders.

Waukegan Fire Department E-ONE engine 2-11 fire 11-5-10

Waukegan E-2 (1612), a 1991 E-ONE Cyclone 1500/750 has a pre-connect of at the fire. Photo by Jeff Rudolph

Grayslake Fire Department Mack tender at a 2nd alarm fire in Waukegan 11-5-10

This Grayslake tender is a 1989 Mack/Darley/Stuart 1000/4000. It is one of the tenders that responded to the call for mutual aid into Waukegan. by Jeff Rudolph

Pleasant Prairie Fire Department Pierce Arrow tanker tender

Pleasant Prairie, WI travelled the farthest distance of all the mutual aid companies. Tender 5613 was built by Pierce on an Arrow chassis. Photo by Jeff Rudolph

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Knollwood engine on-scene

Jeff Rudolph answers our call for on-scene apparatus images with a few shots of Knollwood Engine 44 responding to storm related downed wires.

Knollwood FD E-ONE Typhoon pumper

Knollwood Engine 44 standing by at a 'wires-down' call awaiting the arrival of the power company. Jeff Rudolph photo

Knollwood FD E-ONE Typhoon engine

Knollwood E44 at the scene of energized power lines down on a wood fence and shed. Address of 1012 Safford Av. Crews were forced to wait until Com Ed killed the power. Jeff Rudolph photo

Knollwood FD E-ONE Typhoon engine

Knollwood Engine 44 is a 2007 E-ONE Typhoon with a 2000-GPM pump and a 1,000-gallon water tank. Jeff Rudolph photo

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Knollwood is on the site

Knollwood Fire Department patch

The Knollwood Fire Department covers the 1.5 square mile Rockland Fire Protection District in Division 4. They have one station at 14 Skokie Highway along Route 41 at Route 176. Knollwood is a volunteer department with two engines, a 75′ E-ONE quint, a rescue unit, utility, and a boat which they house that is jointly owned with Lake Bluff and Lake Forest. Knollwood does not have an ambulance and contracts with Lake Forest. Lake Bluff has the same arrangement. Both Knollwood and Lake Bluff have EMTs who respond on EMS runs to arrive prior to one of the ambulances from Lake Forest.

Knollwood Fire Department EONE Typhoon 75' Sidestacker quint

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