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Countryside shows off new engine … and entertains many

The Countryside Fire Protection District has been conducting various training scenarios for several weeks now at 27693 Chevy Chase Road, in Mundelein. The homeowner donated the house for fire training in return for having it burned to the ground making way for the construction of a new home. We posted images from Dan McInerney HERE showing the new Rosenbauer engine and tender from US Tanker working.

Countryside FPD Rosenbauer Centurion engine

Countryside's new Engine 415 has a rear pump, hydraulic ladder rack, and is on a 4x4 IHC Workstar chassis. Larry Shapiro photo

Countryside FPD Rosenbauer Centurion engine

Engine 415 carries 750 gallons of water and has a 1,250-GPM pump. Tools are mounted for easy access at the scene of an emergency. Larry Shapiro photo

Countryside FPD structure fire

As fire consumes the detached garage, the structure finally collapses. Larry Shapiro photo

Countryside invited local residents, neighboring fire departments and their families, CERT, and anyone else fascinated by big fires, to come and watch them burn the house and detached garage to the ground this past Sunday.

Larry Shapiro was one of those who attended and took the opportunity to work with the fire department to get some nice images of the new Rosenbauer Centurion engine with fire in the background. There is a gallery HERE with images and there will be an accompanying video as well.

Countryside FPD group fire

What's a traditional burn-down without the traditional group photo! Larry Shapiro phptp

Countryside FPD structure fire

What's not to love about a shot like this? Big fire, extreme radiant heat, and thick black smoke racing skyward. Larry Shapiro photo

Wauconda, Long Grove, and Libertyville sent tankers so that there was a continuous water supply at the scene. The tanker from Libertyville was the 1988, Pierce Dash, 1250/2500 which Countryside recently gave them. It has been re-lettered for Libertyville.

Libertyville Fire Department tender tanker

Libertyville Tender 461 setup to dump water into a portable tank which is being used by Countryside Engine 412. This tender was given to Libertyville by the Countryside FPD earlier this year. Larry Shapiro photo

Countryside FPD tender 411

This shows the tender when it was owned by Countryside.

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Lynwood Fire is on the site

The Lynwood Fire Department in MABAS Division 24 runs out of one station to cover their district which is three square miles. Lynwood runs fire only and contracts for EMS with Bud’s Ambulance Service. ¬†They have three full-time personnel supplemented by 25 paid-on-call personnel. ¬†They run with two E-ONE engines, a 1978 CF Mack engine, a brush rig, and a dive unit. Karl Klotz submitted the images and information for this department.

Lynwood FIre Department Mack CF pumper

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