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Countryside FPD gives old tanker to Libertyville

We mentioned previously that the Countryside FPD in Lake County recenlty received a new IHC/US Tanker HERE and HERE, and that the disposition of their old 1988 Pierce Dash tanker was unclear.

Dennis McGuire, Jr. found the following article in Libertyville edition of the TRIBLOCAL that can be seen HERE with photos. The article answers the question.

Countryside gives Libertyville Fire Department used tanker for free

theBy Amy Alderman, TribLocal reporter

Countryside Fire Protection District in Vernon Hills is giving Libertyville Fire Department a 1988 tanker known as a water tender, which carries 2,500 gallons of water.
Through the third mutual aid agreement between the departments in five years, Libertyville agreed to continue to assist Countryside at emergency calls in exchange for the used truck.

“We never had a water tender in Libertyville,” Fire Chief Rich Carani said. “But the Libertyville fire protection district covers Mettawa and Green Oaks— a lot of areas that still don’t have fire hydrants, mostly on the northern border and southeastern border. So the need for a tender is there, but we couldn’t justify the need for a new one.”

Libertyville has used neighboring districts’ water tenders six to ten times a year on average, Carani said. However, the neighboring districts assist each other at an average of 300 fire alarms, car accidents rescues and structure fires a year, he added.

Although the old water tender will be given to Libertyville for free, maintenance is expected to cost the village about $1,000 a year, Carani said.

Following the recent purchase of a new $250,000 water tender, Countryside Fire Chief Jeff Steingart said he didn’t even stop to think about looking up the value of the old water tender in order to sell it.

“We probably would have sold it, but we saw this agreement as having more value,” Steingart said.

The two department chiefs began discussing the exchange about a year ago, when Countryside started looking for a new water tender.

“We had a conversation about sharing resources,” Steingart said. “They have it for first responses, and we have it as a back up water tender.”

This kind of partnership isn’t new to either district.

“Basically over the last several years — many years, actually — Libertyville, with all their neighbors, has reciprocated back and forth with responding to calls at certain buildings and areas,” Carani said.

In 2005, Libertyville bought a squad truck, which is also used by Countryside through a mutual aid agreement. Both departments agreed to respond to every structure fire in each district through the second mutual aid agreement in 2007.

Steingart pointed to last week’s barn fire in Wauconda as an example of pooling local resources. Thirty fire protection districts responded to the call of flames traveling to three barns due to high winds, and 14 water tenders were pooled to put out the fire. No people or animals were injured.

“These mutual aid agreements get us the resources we need, while kind of being boundary free so the closest fire station responds,” Steingart said.

Editor’s note: When the tanker is lettered for Libertyville, we hope to get it photographed and added to the website in the station where it is assigned.

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New US Tanker for Countryside

Countryside FPD US Tanker

The new US Tanker in Countryside has a short, single axle, IHC 4400 chassis and carries 2,000 gallons of water. The body is stainless steel. Larry Shapiro photo

The new unit for the Countryside Fire Protection District has been added to the site. Although it is not yet in service, the new Tanker 411 will replace a 1988 Pierce Dash unit with a top mounted pump, open jump seats, a 1,250-GPM pump and a 2,500-gallon water tank. The old unit is going to be housed in Libertyville where it will be available for Libertyville to use or as a backup for Countryside.

The new unit utilizes an IHC 4400 2-door cab on a short chassis with a single rear axle. The pump is 1,000-GPM, the water tank holds 2,000 gallons of water and there is a 30-gallon foam tank with Class-A foam. The 1,000 foot capacity hose bed will have 700 feet of 5″ and roughly 600 feet of 2-1/2″ hose. There will be a 200-foot 1-3/4″ crosslay and somewhere between 200-300′ of 3″ hose as well.

Countryside FPD US Tanker

This rear platform is for safe loading of hose. The non-skid surface is open to allow water to drain through it. Underneath the arrow stick is a backup camera. Larry Shapiro photo

Countryside FPD US Tanker

Remote controlled chutes are on both sides and the rear. THe side chutes extend out from the body. Larry Shapiro photo

Countryside FPD US Tanker

The rear has a ladder to reach the hose loading platform, an arrow stick, backup camera and NFPA chevron striping. Larry Shapiro photo

Countryside FPD US Tanker

Tanker 411 has a 30-gallon foam tank and a 1,000-GPM pump. Larry Shapiro photo

Countryside is expecting a new GMC/Horton ambulance and an IHC/Rosenbauer Timberwolf interface engine in August.

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Patches added

Glenwood Fire Department patchMundelein Fire Department patch

Several interesting patches have been added to the department pages. Mundelein and Libertyville patches have been added in Division 4, Peotone has been added in Division 19, and Glenwood in Division 24 has been posted as well. If your department is on the site and no patch is shown with the listings, we would appreciate the opportunity of getting a patch to complete the posting

Peotone Fire Department patch

Libertyville Fire Department patch

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Libertyville is added to the site

Libertyville Fire Station 1

Headquarters Fire Station 1 is at 1551 N. Milwaukee Avenue. Larry Shapiro photo

In Lake County (Division 4), Libertyville operates out of three stations. Two of their stations are at either end of the district along Milwaukee Avenue and the third is on the eastern edge just outside the main Abbott Labs campus.

Libertyville Fire Department Quint 462 2008 Pierce Velocity 75' RM quint

Quint 462 runs out of Station 2. It is a 2008 Pierce Velocity with a 75' rear mounted aerial ladder on a full length chassis. Since the 75' ladder only requires one set of outriggers, Libertyville has added storage space at their disposal where the front jack s would be for a larger aerial. Larry Shapiro photo

Libertyville is a 100% Pierce department with regards to suppression units and their five ambulances are a mix of Medtec and Road Rescue.

Libertyville Fire Station 3

Fire Station 3 serves a dual role housing offices for the Abbott Labs Fire Department in addition to the Libertyville units. Larry Shapiro photo

Station 3 which houses a jump company with an engine and ambulance also has space which is home for offices of the Abbott Fire Chief plus classroom space. The Abbott command unit is housed in this station along with a spare ambulance and CERT trailer.

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