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Chicago sells reserve Snorkel

Dennis McGuire, Jr. provided the following update:

Year:  1987

Chassis Manufacturer:  SPARTAN

Body Manufacturer:  E-ONE

Aerial Device: 55′ SNORKEL

Hours:  748

VIN:  158BT0L07HC185046

Running Condition:  DOES NOT RUN

Sold for $4550.00

City of Chicago – City of Chicago Online Auctions

Chicago Reserve Snorkel

Decommissioned Chicago Reserve Snorkel. Chicago Auction Site photo

Chicago Reserve Snorkel

Driver's side of decommissioned Snorkel. Chicago Auction Site photo

Chicago reserve Snorkel

E-ONE body and 55' Snorkel boom of the decommissioned Snorkel. Chicago Auction Site photo

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Countryside FPD gives old tanker to Libertyville

We mentioned previously that the Countryside FPD in Lake County recenlty received a new IHC/US Tanker HERE and HERE, and that the disposition of their old 1988 Pierce Dash tanker was unclear.

Dennis McGuire, Jr. found the following article in Libertyville edition of the TRIBLOCAL that can be seen HERE with photos. The article answers the question.

Countryside gives Libertyville Fire Department used tanker for free

theBy Amy Alderman, TribLocal reporter

Countryside Fire Protection District in Vernon Hills is giving Libertyville Fire Department a 1988 tanker known as a water tender, which carries 2,500 gallons of water.
Through the third mutual aid agreement between the departments in five years, Libertyville agreed to continue to assist Countryside at emergency calls in exchange for the used truck.

“We never had a water tender in Libertyville,” Fire Chief Rich Carani said. “But the Libertyville fire protection district covers Mettawa and Green Oaks— a lot of areas that still don’t have fire hydrants, mostly on the northern border and southeastern border. So the need for a tender is there, but we couldn’t justify the need for a new one.”

Libertyville has used neighboring districts’ water tenders six to ten times a year on average, Carani said. However, the neighboring districts assist each other at an average of 300 fire alarms, car accidents rescues and structure fires a year, he added.

Although the old water tender will be given to Libertyville for free, maintenance is expected to cost the village about $1,000 a year, Carani said.

Following the recent purchase of a new $250,000 water tender, Countryside Fire Chief Jeff Steingart said he didn’t even stop to think about looking up the value of the old water tender in order to sell it.

“We probably would have sold it, but we saw this agreement as having more value,” Steingart said.

The two department chiefs began discussing the exchange about a year ago, when Countryside started looking for a new water tender.

“We had a conversation about sharing resources,” Steingart said. “They have it for first responses, and we have it as a back up water tender.”

This kind of partnership isn’t new to either district.

“Basically over the last several years — many years, actually — Libertyville, with all their neighbors, has reciprocated back and forth with responding to calls at certain buildings and areas,” Carani said.

In 2005, Libertyville bought a squad truck, which is also used by Countryside through a mutual aid agreement. Both departments agreed to respond to every structure fire in each district through the second mutual aid agreement in 2007.

Steingart pointed to last week’s barn fire in Wauconda as an example of pooling local resources. Thirty fire protection districts responded to the call of flames traveling to three barns due to high winds, and 14 water tenders were pooled to put out the fire. No people or animals were injured.

“These mutual aid agreements get us the resources we need, while kind of being boundary free so the closest fire station responds,” Steingart said.

Editor’s note: When the tanker is lettered for Libertyville, we hope to get it photographed and added to the website in the station where it is assigned.

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Joliet is on the site

Joliet Fire Department decal

The Joliet FIre Department in Division 15 has 10 stations. They have 212 career personnel that are responsible for a city which is over 38 square miles. Only nine of the stations are manned as Station 2 houses the Fire Investigation Unit and the Dive Rescue Unit. Joliet is an E-ONE department for 100% of their suppression units and a Horton department for EMS. They run two Battalions, two ladder trucks, one tower ladder, eight engines and six ambulances.

Joliet Fire Station 4

Joliet Station 4 is an example of one style firehouse utilized in the city. This is one of five similar houses.

Joliet Fire Station 10

There are three Joliet stations featuring the same design as Station 10 shown here.

Joliet Fire Department engine 10

Engine 10 is a one-of-a-kind in Joliet featuring a Saulsbury body and an E-ONE Cyclone cab.

Dennis McGuire, Jr., Karl Klotz and George Reichardt submitted the images to represent Joliet.

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Crestwood is now on the site

Crestwood Fire Station

Crestwood's fire station featuring apparatus bays on two sdes.

Many thanks again to Dennis McGuire, Jr. and Karl Klotz for supplying the images to post another department in Division 22. The Crestwood Fire Department has one station with three ambulances, two engines and a truck representing several manufacturers. They have a full-time chief and 25 part-time firefighters covering a little over three square miles. Their rigs are black over red.

Crestwood Fire Department engine 2323

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Dolton is on the site

Another department in Division 24 has been added to the site; Dolton, with two stations. Apparatus images were provided by Dennis McGuire, Jr. and the station photos are from Karl Klotz. Dolton has 35 full-time firefighters and several suppression rigs. They contract EMS from Bud’s Ambulance Service. The frontline engines are from Sutphen as is one of the two aerial devices. Dolton has a beautiful backup engine built by Pirsch on a CF Mack chassis.

Dolton FIre Department Sutphen pumper

Dolton Squad 1455 is an IHC 4700/E-ONE medium duty rescue unit that the department won through a nationwide coloring contest for kids that was sponsored by E-ONE.  The winning artist’s name was Nicole, and the squad was named in her honor.

Dolton Fire Department IHC E-ONE rescue

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Chicago Fire Boat

Dennis McGuire, Jr. sent in this link to the information listed below about the new Chicago Fireboat.

Chicago Fire Boat Boat Information

Overview Principal Characteristics The Schlaeger Construction Photos Acquisition Team
Boat Information   Principal Characteristics

Principal Characteristics

Fire Boat Picture

Concept Design

Principal Characteristics
Overall Length 90′ 0″
Designed Waterline Length 82′ 5″
Beam 25′ 0″
Depth 12′ 2″
Navigational Draft 7′ 6″
Displacement (light ship) 208 LT (approx.)
Design Speed 12 knots
Pumping Capacity 14,000 GPM
NFPA Classification Type 3 with enhanced pumping


Photos of the Schlaeger

Boat Construction Photos

Contact Webmaster All Rights Reserved    © 2008 CDI Corporation Legal StatementPrivacy Policy

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Several departments coming to the site

As time permits, photographs from the following new departments will be added to the site;

  • Joliet (images from Dennis McGuire, Karl Klotz, and George Reichardt)
  • Crestwood (images from Dennis McGuire and Karl Klotz)
  • Dolton (images from Dennis McGuire and Karl Klotz)
  • Alsip (images from Dennis McGuire and Karl Klotz)
  • CFD Special Operations (images from Hank Sajovic)

The following departments will be updated to include images that are missing:

  • Frankfort (images from Karl Klotz)
  • Tinley Park (images from Karl Klotz and Dennis McGuire)
  • Itasca (images from Larry Shapiro)
  • Rolling Meadows (images from Larry Shapiro)
  • Elk Grove Village (images from Larry Shapiro)

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New life for old Snorkel

The Riverdale Fire Department in Division 24 recently acquired a 1971 Maxim/Pierce 75′ Snorkel from Munster, Indiana. Dennis McGuire, Jr. submitted a photo of the rig which has some basic modifications of the original lettering. Dennis also reports that Riverdale has a a used Snorkel from Oak Forest, IL which has not yet been lettered or put into service. Dennis will photograph this unit when it is ready.

According to Munster Town Council Minutes from May 2008, the following was discussed:


Resolution 1736 authorized the long term loan of the 1971 Pierce Maxim Snorkel to the Fire Museum of Greater Chicago. The apparatus has been stored at the bus barn of the School Town of Munster until the Fire Museum of Greater Chicago has a permanent location to display it.

The School Town needs the space where the snorkel is currently stored and had requested its removal from the bus barn. The Fire Museum has informed the Town that they are unable to accept the snorkel due to space limitations. Other fire museums in the area have been contacted and none have the necessary space. The equipment is only valuable to a collector as it is no longer certified as firefighting equipment. Staff is seeking authority to appraise the snorkel and sell it to the highest bidder. A minimum bid amount will be set based on the appraisal.

Riverdale IL 1971 Maxim Pierce Snorkel

1971 Maxim Pierce 75' Snorkel in it's new home in Riverdale, IL. Formerly of Munster, IN, this unit was also the prototype for the Franklin Mint die-cast model several years ago. Photo by Dennis McGuire, Jr.

Franklin Mint die-cast fashioned after the Munster Snorkel. This was offered in red or yellow.

Franklin Mint Maxim Pierce Snorkel die-cast model

Another version of the Franklin Mint model.

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updated station photos

Karl Klotz has again stepped up to fill in the blanks – this time he supplied a station photo for Merrionette Park to add to Dennis McGuire, Jr’s rig photos and  CFD firehouse photos for Engine 65 and Engine 120.

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Merrionette Park begins Division 22

Merrionette Park is the first department to be posted from Division 22. Apparatus images were provided by Dennis McGuire, Jr. and one in particular has a very interesting history. Truck 2614 was previously in service with the Pennsville Fire & Rescue. No. 1, (New Jersey) after leaving service as 1 of 2 Mack Bulldog aerials purchased by the FDNY in 1982.  At the time, LTI was building aerial ladders and fabricating bodies for other fire service manufacturers.  Mack was supplying engines to New York, Baker was building the Aerialscope towers on Mack chassis and FNDY was purchasing rear mount ladders from Seagrave.  In an attempt to capture more of the FDNY business and to expand their overall product line, Mack teamed up with LTI and marketed a private label aerial called the Bulldog I and II Series. LTI built the ladder and body which were mounted on a Mack chassis. “The Bulldog I Series offered midship ladders, rear-mounted ladders and TDAs…The Bulldog program did not prove overly successful with 25 aerials being sold before Mack ceased production of fire trucks in 1983.” (excerpt from Aerial Fire Trucks by Larry Shapiro, MBI Publishing Company.)


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