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DuPage County fire department numbering (update)


Villa Park FD using new numbers on DU-COMM Fire East

Station 1 (unused, AFAIK) is just south of St. Charles Road on Home Avenue. The original West Suburban Fire Rescue Alliance numbering plan for DuPage County does show 81 for station 2 (north) and 82 for station 3 (south) with 83 and 84 being their reserve numbers and no mention of station 1 - but the original plan hasn't been followed much for numbering changes in the last year or so.

Villa Park FD is using new station and rig numbers on DU-COMM Fire East (154.415, 192.8 PL). I heard the tail end of a call where Engine 82 returned to quarters and Medic 81 went to Elmhurst Hospital. I believe they have two active stations and possibly a spare. It would seem that they're using 81 and 82 for their stations and front line rigs - does anyone know what number or numbers they're using for reserve rigs, etc.?

I show 81 for station 1, 82 for station 2, and 83, 84 for reserves. Don't they have an unused/old/semi-used station just south of St Charles in addition to the one near Roosevelt and the other one north of the UPRR?

The following is a list of Du Page County station numbering from CARMA Chicago:
Station Number Department Previous Station etc
Italics means that the numbers are not confirmed!
All changes to CARMA via the list, please!
1 Bartlett FPD
2 Bartlett FPD
3 Bartlett FPD
4 Bartlett FPD Reserve
5 West Chicago FPD Station 2 WSFRA
6 West Chicago FPD Station 1 WSFRA
7 West Chicago FPD Station 3 WSFRA
8 West Chicago FPD Station 4 WSFRA
10 Warrenville FPD Reserve
11 Warrenville FPD Station 1
12 Warrenville FPD Station 2
17 Bensenville FPD Station 1 Norcomm, Inc, Numbers
18 Bensenville FPD Station 2 Norcomm, Inc, Numbers
20 Bloomingdale FPD Reserve
21 Bloomingdale FPD Station 1
22 Bloomingdale FPD Station 2
23 Bloomingdale FPD Station 3
27 Carol Stream FPD Station 3 WSFRA
28 Carol Stream FPD Station 1 WSFRA
29 Carol Stream FPD Station 2 WSFRA
31 Winfield FPD Station 1 WSFRA
32 Winfield FPD Station 2 WSFRA
37 Wheaton Station 3 WSFRA
38 Wheaton Station 1 WSFRA
39 Wheaton Station 2 WSFRA
48 Oak Brook Terrace FPD Reserve
49 Oak Brook Terrace FPD Station 1
51 Lisle-Woodridge FPD Station 1 Was 500s
52 Lisle-Woodridge FPD Station 2
53 Lisle-Woodridge FPD Station 3
54 Lisle-Woodridge FPD Station 4
55 Lisle-Woodridge FPD Station 5
56 Lisle-Woodridge FPD Reserve
57 Lisle-Woodridge FPD Reserve
58 Glenside FPD Was 700s
59 Glenside FPD Reserve
60 Glen Ellyn VFD Station 1 Reserve
61 Glen Ellyn VFD Station 1
62 Glen Ellyn VFD Station 2
63 Glen Ellyn VFD Station 2 Reserve
66 Itasca FPD Station 1
67 Itasca FPD Reserve
68 Wood Dale FPD Station 2
69 Wood Dale FPD Station 1
77 York Center FPD Station 1
78 York Center FPD Reserve
79 Lombard Reserve
80 Lombard Reserve
81 Villa Park Station 1
82 Villa Park Station 2
83 Villa Park Reserve
84 Villa Park Reserve
88 Darien-Woodridge FPD Station 2 Was 600s
89 Darien-Woodridge FPD Station 1
90 Darien-Woodridge FPD Station 3
91 Darien-Woodridge FPD Reserve?
92 Oak Brook Station 2
93 Oak Brook Station 1
94 Oak Brook
95 Oak Brook
 thanks Chris

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New radio system for Elgin

This from Chris Ranck:

From CARMA Chicago:

FCC Application 0005972614 – ELGIN, CITY OF

Action Performed Location Transmitter Address /Area of Operation Latitude, Longitude
Add   1 – Fixed INT OF RT 25 & I-90
42-03-56.0 N, 088-15-39.0 W
Add   2 – Fixed 777 S STATE ST
42-00-50.0 N, 088-17-07.0 W
Add   3 – Fixed 2355 College Green Drive
42-00-51.2 N, 088-20-04.8 W
Add   4 – Fixed 599 SHALES PARKWAY
42-01-34.4 N, 088-14-08.2 W
Add   5 – Fixed 800′ S OF RT 20 4 M N OF RT 72
42-08-50.0 N, 088-30-45.0 W
Add   6 – Fixed IL RT 47 6 MI N OF LILY LAKE
41-59-22.0 N, 088-28-00.0 W
Add   000851.32500000 1 1 1 FB2 1 100.000 51.300
Add   000851.66250000 1 1 2 FB2 1 100.000 51.300
Add   000853.62500000 1 1 3 FB2 1 100.000 51.300
Add   000854.28750000 1 1 4 FB2 1 100.000 51.300


Section 1 – Service
The City of Elgin submits this application on behalf of its Police and Fire Departments which  will  use  this  system  subject  to  the  terms  and  conditions  of  the  Starcom21 
Subscription Agreement. Use of this system  will also be made available to other City Agencies.

Section 2 – System Type
This  new  system  will  be  an 8-site  700/800MHz  ASTRO  Project 25  Simulcast System with  a  9  link  Point-to-Point  (PTP)  microwave  backhaul  network  on  the STARCOM21network.  It  will  maintain  the  Grade  of  Service  required  by  the STARCOM21 contract at each of its sites, with 16 dB in-building coverage for the City of Elgin Public Safety Agencies dispatched by its Main and Backup Dispatch Centers. The subscribers will use a combination of both mobile and portable radios. The  City  of  Elgin  has  requested  to  join  STARCOM21  which  will  combine  State frequencies  with  Elgin  frequencies.    Upon  addition  of  these  frequencies  to  the STARCOM21 system the City of Elgin will actively use the Starcom21 system for public safety purposes. The State of Illinois STARCOM21 system is a statewide public safety radio  system  used  and  governed  by  public  safety  entities  throughout  Illinois  and  is managed  by  Motorola  Solutions,  Inc.   Motorola  Solutions,  Inc.  maintains  the  radio infrastructure  of  the  system  and  assists  with  coordination  of  frequencies  into  the STARCOM21 system. Motorola Solutions, Inc. does not own licenses on the system.Elgin also has AutoAid and Mutual Aid partners that can come onto the subsystem  the 
amount of radios which will be included are:
Kane County Office of Emergency Management  –  4 Streamwood FD  –  30 Streamwood PD  –  20  Hoffman  Estates  FD  –  42  Hoffman  Estates  PD  –  30  Bartlett  Fire  Protection 
DIstrict – 38 South Elgin Fire Protection District – 9 Pingree Grove Fire Protection District –  3 Rutland Dundee Fire Protection District  –  3 West Dundee FD  –  2 East Dundee Fire 
Protection District – 2
The future subscribers coming onto the system is projected to be about 125 additional subscribers over the next 5 years. The City of Elgin is requesting that the licenses be granted to enhance the coverage and interoperability with the State of Illinois. This interoperability will provide enhanced public safety operations within this region. Granting these frequency requests will allow the  City  of  Elgin  to  join  the  statewide  STARCOM21  system,  and  allows  Law Enforcement,  Fire,  and  EMS  agencies  to  significantly  improve  their  public  safety 
communications  capabilities.  The  system  is  owned  by  the  vendor;  however,  the subscriber radios (mobiles and portables) and consoles are owned by the City. The City 
of Elgin will license these frequencies in its name for use on the STARCOM21 system.This  system  uses  Motorola’s  ASTRO  25  digital  platform,  an  FDMA  based  technology 
that uses the P25 IMBE vocoder. It supports integrated voice and data applications. 

Section 3 – Intersystem Interoperability
The  new  City  of  Elgin  radio  system  will  have  the  ability  to  interoperate  with  existing public safety agencies using 800 MHz and UHF/ VHF/ low band frequencies. The 800 MHz users will be able to communicate with City of Elgin STARCOM21 system users,  such  as  the  Illinois  State  Police,  via  the  five  NPSPAC  821  Mutual  Aid frequencies. The subscriber units will have the ability to o perate on these channels with analog operation. Interoperability between the City and other agencies on UHF or VHF frequencies can be achieved by having the dispatch operator setup a crosspatch between a talkgroup in the network  and  the  desired  analog  conventional  channel.  Interoperability  between  the existing ISPERN and IREACH frequencies will be accomplished in accordance with the guidelines  outlined  by  each  respective  Governing  Board.   The  Illinois  State  Police  & Motorola  have  identified  specific  STARCOM21  ISPERN  and  IREACH  talkgroups  that will allow for interoperability with VHF ISPERN and IREACH users. City  of  Elgin  subscribers  will  utilize  the  STARCOM21  system  through  talkgroups dedicated to their specific agencies. Existing STARCOM21 users will be  encouraged to enter  into  an  intergovernmental  agreement  that  will  allow  for  the  sharing  of  specified talkgroups to provide for interoperability with other county, state and federal government users. Other  non-City  public  safety  &  local  government  agencies  that  subscribe  to  the STARCOM21 system will be able to interoperate directly with City users.

Section 4 – Channel Loading Factors
These frequencies will be used by 738 units initially. Of these, 409 will be distributed to the  Police  Department  and  329  to  the  Fire  Department.  Since  trunking  technology 
shares  resources  among  all  users,  the  radio  and  microwave  frequencies  the  City of Elgin will add to the STARCOM21 network will also support radio traffic of other network 
subscribers. This includes 1306 State Police, 3492 DuPage County, 8785 Cook County, 1224  Tollway,  and  1166  McHenry  which  include  neighboring  local  government  Public 
Safety Agencies.

Section 5 – Coverage area 
This application includes the necessary 40, 25, and 5 dBu contour maps for the City of Elgin  sites  and  the  current  STARCOM21  sites  located  in  Kane  County.  The  City  is 
requesting additional frequencies to support the microwave sites, which include: Plato, Nessler, Illinois State Police District 2, Shales Water Tank, Elgin Toll, Randall/College 
Green  Water  Tank,  120  S.  State  Street  and  both  the  Main  and  Backup  Dispatch Centers. The  additional  frequencies  are  necessary  to  provide  the  backhaul  network  and  to maintain the Grade of Service for the public safety users of the STARCOM21 system. The contour maps were run on a software program called Hydra. Hydra is an internal use only software program designed and used by Motorola.

Section 6 – Vacated Frequencies Returned
No frequencies are planned to be vacated at this time.

Section 7 – Implementation Schedule
The City of Elgin plans to roll out all subscribers, 738 users, by October of 2013 when the system is fully implemented and on the air

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Radio frequency changes in the ousth suburbs

This from Chris Ranck:

From the CARMA Facebook Page:
Steger, Steger Estates, and South Chicago Heights have switched to a VHF repeater system today. They are currently Simulcasting on 154.370 until all the pagers get reprogrammed. Receive is 151.2125 DPL115 Transmit is 159.1275 DPL315.

— Rich Carlson, N9JIG

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Westmont FD dispatch moves to Downers Grove

Chris Ranck forwarded this dialog from Carma Chicago:

On Aug 7, 2013, at 2:46 PM, “ed245026” wrote:
I noticed that Westmont FD today has been on Downers Grove fire channel of 155.7075 and not dispatching on 153.635, can anybody confirm?

Yes, it went effective yesterday at noon. Since Westmont Police & Fire are dispatched by the Downers Grove Village Operations Center (VOC), they transitioned to the DGFD Fire repeater system.

The old 153.635 repeater system that Clarendon Hills, Hinsdale, Tri-State (“all belted”), and Willow Springs FD’s will only be used as a back-up for Westmont & DG FD’s.

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Tri-Com South dispatching for Sugar Grove & North Aurora FD

Chris Ranck forwarded this message from CARMA Chicago:

Subject: (CARMA) Re: Confusion: 151.4075, Tri-Com dispatch to Sugar Grove FD?

When I first learned of “Tri-Com South” for North Aurora & Sugar Grove FD, my source told me that both agencies were going to be using 154.7925 D174, the former Sugar Grove FD repeater. However 151.4075 D654, the former North Aurora FD repeater continued to be operational. At first, back in April, both repeaters sounded to me like they had technical issues. The Sugar Grove repeater sounded too “digital” on the dispatcher side, and the North Aurora repeater had flakey modulation levels. But ever since then both repeaters have sounded great. So it appears that Tri-Com South is actually a simulcast system, with the dispatcher and each agency’s traffic being sent to each transmitter. I am awaiting confirmation that North Aurora mobiles are still using their original input but I would assume that they are.

Tri-Com South (Fire)
154.7925 D174 Sugar Grove transmitter
151.4075 D654 North Aurora Transmitter


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New numbering for Warrenville

Chris Ranck passes along the following from CARMA Chicago:

 Warrenville fpd has new station numbers, station 11 is old sta1.
and adds:

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Northwest Central Dispatch moving to P25 system

This from CARMA Chicago: (Wednesday)

At 11:41 AM NWCD started switching over to their new P25 Phase-2 TDMA based Starcom21 radio system. Not sure about their PDs, but Arlington Heights FD followed by Buffalo Grove FD were just asked to switch over and begin roll calls. Schaumburg is still operating on their existing system as of 11:50.

hearing NWCD dispatch telling schaumburg fd switch to new radio system and do roll-call at about 1:15 p.m this afternoon.

Mt. Prospect FD Signs Off NWCD Digital Trunked System

Schaumburg FD Signs Off NWCD Analog Trunked System

Streamwood FD Signs Off NWCD Analog Trunked System


thanks Dave & Chris

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Area updates from CARMA Chicago

From Chris Ranck:

Received credible information that Downers Grove Fire Department is going to Starcomm TG FDSCENT1 as of 5-15-13 at 7am for portables only.
Rig radios still are VHF. Also Westmont Fire will be using it too soon. on the same talkgroup.


(Dave Weaver) posted many behind the scenes photos and videos from the Chicago Fire set including closeups of the Motorola gear on the “Watch Tower” which is the name for the firehouse desk with the computer terminal and portables. NBC actually had a complete replica of CFD Engine 18’s house recreated in a large film studio complex near Mt. Sinai Hospital on the old Ryerson Steel property. There is an antique radio on the bookshelf in Fire Chief Boden’s office which is actually a Simpson marine radio.

These images and videos are available on the Facebook page at

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Tri-Com’s new fire dispatch freq

This from Chris Ranck from CARMA:

“Tri-Com South” 154.7925 D174 is the new official name of the former Sugar Grove channel.

Tri-Com South is being simulcast over 151.4075 D654, the former North Aurora repeater. This simulcast currently has some technical bugs on the dispatcher side consisting of repeating audio and the clipping off of the tail end of words.

Tri-Com is now dispatching both Sugar Grove and North Aurora over the repeater that Sugar Grove used to be on by themselves. 154.7925 D174
That channel is included on in both the Kane/NWDuPage/NWCook Feed and the DeKalb Tower Feed where it is now named “NAurora/SugarGrv”

154.7925R/159.3300 [D174] is the current Sugar Grove FPD local channel
151.4075R/154.7100 [D654] is the current North Aurora FPD dispatch channel.

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Bloomingdale switches to Ducomm North

This from Chris Ranck:

Subject: (CARMA) Ducom fire north

Bloomingdale fd switched over to ducom this morning hearing new rig numbers medic 23 in route do not know what station thats coming out of after 11:00 am.

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