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New engine for Steger Estates FPD

From the Interstate Emergency Vehicles Facebook page:

Many thanks to the Steger Estates Fire Protection District for their purchase of Rosenbauer’s Maverick Pumper.

  • Freightliner M Series chassis
  • FX 3/16″ aluminum body
  • Rosenbauer 1250-gpm pump
  • poly 2,000-gallon water
  • Elkhart monitor / stacked tips
  • Led warning / scene light package
Rosenbauer Maverick pumper

click on the drawing for a downloadable file

thanks Dennis and Ron

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Steger Estates FPD history

This from Mike Summa:

TBT-This is the Steger Estates Squad 806, a 1949 Diamond Reo/Boyertown.  XPark Forest.  Enjoy and comment.
Mike Summa
Steger Estates FPD history

Steger Estates Squad 806, a 1949 Diamond Reo/Boyertown.  XPark Forest. Mike Summa photo


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Radio frequency changes in the ousth suburbs

This from Chris Ranck:

From the CARMA Facebook Page:
Steger, Steger Estates, and South Chicago Heights have switched to a VHF repeater system today. They are currently Simulcasting on 154.370 until all the pagers get reprogrammed. Receive is 151.2125 DPL115 Transmit is 159.1275 DPL315.

—¬†Rich Carlson, N9JIG

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Steger Estates is added to the site

Karl Klotz provided images of another department in MABAS Division  27. The Steger Estates Fire Protection District is a volunteer department working out of one station at 23940 S. Kings Road in Crete. They have an ambulance, a tanker, an engine, and a brush rig.

The newest piece is a 2005 HME/SFO/Ahrens Fox pumper tanker. They also run an E-ONE engine on a Freightliner chassis and one of the remaining E-ONE ambulances in the area.

Steger Estates FPD HME Ahrens Fox pumper tanker

Steger Estates FPD ambulance

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