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Mt. Zion house fire 9-4-13 helmet cam

Chris Ranck found this helmet cam video from a basement fire in Mt. Zion, IL on 9-4-13 (on Havenwood Court)

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Gas pipeline explosion

From Chris Ranck:

happened overnight in Erie IL, Whiteside County along I88

Illinois Gas Pipeline Explosion VIDEO – Erie Pipeline Explodes

Crews are responding to a massive pipeline explosion near Interstate I-88 and Albany road, just north of Erie, IL.Whiteside county officials tell us Erie crews were able to shut off the natural gas line, but flames are expected to be active for hours.Residents living within a one mile radius have been evacuated and a shelter has been opened at the Erie fire department. There are over 20 people currently in the shelter and more are anticipated to need assistance. This includes adults, children and pets.


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York Center and Lombard renumbering

This from Chris Ranck:

YORK CENTER has changed their unit numbers to 77 due to ducom renumbering , Lombard is supposed to switch their numbers 47,48,49 .

Pervious posts with DuComm renumbering:




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St. Louis house fire 7-25-13

Chris Ranck found this video of a house fire in south St. Louis on July 25, 2013.

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Tri-Com South dispatching for Sugar Grove & North Aurora FD

Chris Ranck forwarded this message from CARMA Chicago:

Subject: (CARMA) Re: Confusion: 151.4075, Tri-Com dispatch to Sugar Grove FD?

When I first learned of “Tri-Com South” for North Aurora & Sugar Grove FD, my source told me that both agencies were going to be using 154.7925 D174, the former Sugar Grove FD repeater. However 151.4075 D654, the former North Aurora FD repeater continued to be operational. At first, back in April, both repeaters sounded to me like they had technical issues. The Sugar Grove repeater sounded too “digital” on the dispatcher side, and the North Aurora repeater had flakey modulation levels. But ever since then both repeaters have sounded great. So it appears that Tri-Com South is actually a simulcast system, with the dispatcher and each agency’s traffic being sent to each transmitter. I am awaiting confirmation that North Aurora mobiles are still using their original input but I would assume that they are.

Tri-Com South (Fire)
154.7925 D174 Sugar Grove transmitter
151.4075 D654 North Aurora Transmitter


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5-Alarm fire in Genessee, WI

Chris Ranck submitted this article about a huge fire last night … north of the border.

From TMJ4 in Wisconsin with video:

A five-alarm barn fire has broken out in Waukesha County, leading to the death of lots of pheasant chicks.

Initially, the Town of Genesee fire chief said that up to 8,000 chicks had died in the fire; however, a farm employee tells TODAY’S TMJ4’s Melissa McCrady that 600 chicks passed away.

It began at about 2:45 a.m. at the Wern Valley Pheasant Farm.  Two barns burned to the ground.

“According to the owner, they were running heaters to raise pheasant chicks.  We do not know that is what caused the fire, but that is a possibility,” said a member of the Waukesha County Sheriff’s Office.

They were still investigating that cause.

Firefighters from a number of departments have been called to the scene.

According to its website, this farm has an amazing history.

It has been in the same family’s hands since it was founded in 1848, several months before Wisconsin became a state.

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Area updates from CARMA Chicago

From Chris Ranck:

Received credible information that Downers Grove Fire Department is going to Starcomm TG FDSCENT1 as of 5-15-13 at 7am for portables only.
Rig radios still are VHF. Also Westmont Fire will be using it too soon. on the same talkgroup.


(Dave Weaver) posted many behind the scenes photos and videos from the Chicago Fire set including closeups of the Motorola gear on the “Watch Tower” which is the name for the firehouse desk with the computer terminal and portables. NBC actually had a complete replica of CFD Engine 18’s house recreated in a large film studio complex near Mt. Sinai Hospital on the old Ryerson Steel property. There is an antique radio on the bookshelf in Fire Chief Boden’s office which is actually a Simpson marine radio.

These images and videos are available on the Facebook page at

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Apartment building fire in Mendota 5-19-13

Chris Ranck found these videos online of an apartment building fire in Mendota last weekend.

From the Mendota Reporter:

A building fire at an apartment complex in Mendota was battled by firefighters from numerous area departments on May 19.

The call came in to the Mendota Fire Department at 6:57 p.m. of a structure fire at 205 Sandra Ave., Building B. Firemen arrived on the scene just eight minutes later. Upon arrival, fire and thick black smoke were visible from the roof area of the building.

The Mendota department called for mutual aid from Troy Grove, LaSalle, Peru, Sublette and Paw Paw, while engines from Amboy and Utica came in to stand by at the Mendota station.

The complete article is HERE.

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Bloomingdale switches to Ducomm North

This from Chris Ranck:

Subject: (CARMA) Ducom fire north

Bloomingdale fd switched over to ducom this morning hearing new rig numbers medic 23 in route do not know what station thats coming out of after 11:00 am.

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CFD on YouTube

Chris Ranck found several items on YouTube that he thought might be of interest:

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