This from Chris Ranck from CARMA:

“Tri-Com South” 154.7925 D174 is the new official name of the former Sugar Grove channel.

Tri-Com South is being simulcast over 151.4075 D654, the former North Aurora repeater. This simulcast currently has some technical bugs on the dispatcher side consisting of repeating audio and the clipping off of the tail end of words.

Tri-Com is now dispatching both Sugar Grove and North Aurora over the repeater that Sugar Grove used to be on by themselves. 154.7925 D174
That channel is included on in both the Kane/NWDuPage/NWCook Feed and the DeKalb Tower Feed where it is now named “NAurora/SugarGrv”

154.7925R/159.3300 [D174] is the current Sugar Grove FPD local channel
151.4075R/154.7100 [D654] is the current North Aurora FPD dispatch channel.

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