From Chris Ranck:

Received credible information that Downers Grove Fire Department is going to Starcomm TG FDSCENT1 as of 5-15-13 at 7am for portables only.
Rig radios still are VHF. Also Westmont Fire will be using it too soon. on the same talkgroup.


(Dave Weaver) posted many behind the scenes photos and videos from the Chicago Fire set including closeups of the Motorola gear on the “Watch Tower” which is the name for the firehouse desk with the computer terminal and portables. NBC actually had a complete replica of CFD Engine 18’s house recreated in a large film studio complex near Mt. Sinai Hospital on the old Ryerson Steel property. There is an antique radio on the bookshelf in Fire Chief Boden’s office which is actually a Simpson marine radio.

These images and videos are available on the Facebook page at

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