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Prospect Heights Box Alarm, 11-21-13 (pt2)

Lengthy video from Thursday night’s house fire in Prospect Heights.

A gallery of photos is HERE.

This from Prospect Heights Deputy Chief Drew Smith (901) who worked as the interior chief at the fire:

Fire confined to second floor bedroom walk-in closet and office area. Closet was large enough to be its own room and office area was attached to walk-in closet. Multiple peaks of roof and vaulted and cathedral ceilings required extensive overhaul to check for fire spread. A total of five 1&3/4 hose lines were deployed:

Line 1 fire area inside closet

Line 2 fire area outside closet

Line 3 cover balance of second floor while ceiling opened to check for fire spread

Line 4 covered base of stair

Line 5 was used exterior

Terrain and a small stream to the west of this area made access to nearby Wheeling hydrants impractical. Long-distance LDH relay used. Normally, E9 would be attack pumper and E39 would start relay with a mutual-aid company extending the lay if necessary. Since AH E4 arrived first Squad 9 dropped its full bed then E39 finished the lay and pumped. We have a procedure for this, have used it many times, and it allowed us to obtain an ISO Class 3 even in our non-hydranted areas.

Due to the location of the house in relationship to the cul-de-sac (which has an island) and that the first engine and tankers could only get so far out of the way, Tower 12 could only access the roof at the A-B corner. Had there been much fire in the attic and roof areas we may have had a hard time with suppression.

Prospect Heights Fire Department fights house fire at 415 Cherry Creek Lane 11-21-13

This is the Box card (as actually filled).

Prospect Heights Fire Department fights house fire at 415 Cherry Creek Lane 11-21-13

Diagram of fire scene.

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3-11 Alarm fire in Chicago 7-1-13 (more)

A video from Steve Redick showing operations at the 3-11 Alarm fire at 343 W. Pershing

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