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Libertyville Box Alarm 1-19-11

The Libertyville Fire Department in Lake County received calls about a house fire at 516 Wrightwood Terrace just after 9PM Wednesday evening. An off-duty firefighter reported fire in the unoccupied home. Libertyville companies were met with heavy fire originating at the rear of the house and called for mutual aid. As fire vented through the roof and engulfed the entire rear porch area, firefighters went defensive. Libertyville Quint 462 and Engine 461 setup in the ‘A’ Sector in front of the house. Both units are equipped with Wil-Burt telescoping light towers and provided a bright and safe working environment for firefighters confronted with snow and icy conditions. The 75′ aerial was extended over the house to provide additional lighting from the flood lights positioned at the tip of the ladder. The Metropolitan Emergency Support Services (MESS) was at the scene with a canteen plus a warming bus. The fire was brought under control in about an hour’s time. The house was completely gutted and required extensive overhaul.

Larry Shapiro took in this fire … and arrived after the bulk of the fire suppression had been completed. Nevertheless, here are some images from the scene and a complete gallery can be viewed HERE.

Libertyville Fire Department house fire Wrightwood Terrace

The house on Wrightwood Terrace with light smoke and steam escaping after the fire was knocked down. Larry Shapiro photo

Libertyville Fire Department house fire Wrightwood Terrace

Libertyville Quint 462, a 2008 Pierce Velocity 75' quint was designed with a mid-ship mounted Wil-Burt telescoping light tower. This is extremely useful for night events since the quint is often positioned directly in front of the structure. Larry Shapiro photo

MESS Canteen Metropolitan Emergency Support Services

The MESS canteen was setup next to the rehab ambulance providing snacks and hot beverages for firefighters. Behind the canteen is the MESS warming bus. Larry Shapiro photo

Libertyville Fire Department house fire Wrightwood Terrace

Libertyville's Quint 462 in the foreground and Engine 461 in the background both have deployed their light towers to illuminate the fire scene. The American flag graphic on the grille is attractive. Larry Shapiro photo

Libertyville Fire Department house fire Wrightwood Terrace

Libertyville Engine 461 is on a Dash chassis with everything, including the pump panel, behind roll-up doors. Libertyville has Pierce apparatus featuring the Dash, Velocity, and Quantum chassis in the fleet. Larry Shapiro photo

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Glenview site updates

There has been a little house keeping on the site between the Glenview stations. It cam e to our attention that some reserve vehicles were in the wrong locations and hopefully now the site is more accurate. The following changes/additions have been made:

  • Ambulance 6R was moved to Station 14
  • Engine 8R (the HME Sle/Central States) has been moved to Station 14
  • Engine 8R (the HME 1871/Luverne) has been placed at Station 8
  • An image of the MESS Canteen unit M-4 has been added to Station 13
  • A new image of Engine 7 with corrected specs has been added to Station 7

Additionally, Battalion 6 has a new vehicle.

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