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New fire station in Glenview (more)

This from Larry Shapiro:

Here’s an updated photo of the new Glenview Fire Station 6

Glenview Fire Station

Status of the new headquarters fire station in Glenview 11-26-14. Larry Shapiro photo

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New fire station in Glenview (more)

This from Larry Shapiro:

Updated construction photos of the new headquarters fire station being built in Glenview.

fire station under construction

Construction of the new headquarters fire station in Glenview 7-23-14. Larry Shapiro photo

fire station under construction

Larry Shapiro photo

fire station under construction

Larry Shapiro photo

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New fire station in Glenview

This from Larry Shapiro:

I stopped by the construction site for Glenview’s new headquarters Fire Station 6. Here’s a photo of the project as of May 25th.

foundation for new fire station

The foundation has been poured for Glenview Fire Station #6. Larry Shapiro photo

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Glenview to go ahead with plans for new fire station

The Glenview Announcements has an article on the updated progress of the new headquarters fire station to be built for the Glenview Fire Department.

Glenview officials on Wednesday approved the larger of two designs for a new downtown fire station headquarters.

Trustees asked architects to design a facility with three vehicle bays and nine firefighter rest bunks for $6.3 million. The original plan was for 2 ½ bays and six bunks for future expansion at $5.6 million.

Also, a peaked roof to hide mechanical equipment and a tower to comply with downtown designs were added to the plan.

“Expanding could cost a lot more later. I’m comfortable with (Fire Chief Wayne Globerger’s) need for a third bay,” Britton said.

Trustees also approved design appearances, such as banded-stone exterior facades, pilasters and a mid-building tower.

“The fire station should compliment other buildings in the area. It’s a long-term, and should be a marquee and held to the same standards as other contracted buildings,” Trustee Michael Jenny said. In May, trustees voted to support a new fire station and headquarters next to Village Hall on Waukegan Road.

In December 2012, the Village Board approved a plan to demolish and redevelop the old fire station headquarters at 1815 Glenview Road into a four-story structure that includes 142 rentals with first-floor retail storefronts.

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Glenview FD building new fire station headquarters

The TribLocal has an article about Glenview trustees concerned about the final cost of the new Glenview FIre Department headquarters Station 6.

Glenview trustees have expressed concern about the rising cost of the village’s new downtown fire department headquarters.

Officials originally estimated the building at 1215 Waukegan Road would cost about $5.44 million. But at a recent village meeting, the project’s developers warned that the price may rise about 15 percent, or about $816,000, over the initial estimate because of the expansions and additional architectural features that were recommended to be added to the designs by officials at previous meetings.

The new fire station is slated for the site of a former police station. It’s needed because a four-story development now under construction forced one of the village’s fire stations out of its previous location at 1815 Glenview Road. While the new headquarters is under construction, a temporary fire station opened at the intersection of Glenview Road and Roosevelt Avenue earlier this spring.

Village trustees approved a conditional use ordinance, final site review and preliminary subdivision approval for the fire station on Oct. 1. Crews started to put up construction fences around the site on Monday, preparing for the demolition of the former police station building. But the project’s budget isn’t scheduled to be finalized until a November trustees meeting. Because of the holdup with finalization of the project, Glenview Fire Chief Wayne Globerger said he expects the construction to finish a couple of months behind the original target of June or July of 2014.

Some trustees questioned the need for an expanded fire station, which added about $375,000 to the project, and said they’d like to stick to the original estimated budget cost.

Trustee Deborah Karton reminded officials about the importance of the look of the building that would be in the downtown area, for which officials spent a long time developing a vision and a plan.

Glenview Fire Chief Wayne Globerger said his goal is to make sure the building is functional. He explained that having an expanded fire station, which would have space for three additional bunks and an extra half bay, helps the department prepare for different future scenarios. He mentioned a possibility of consolidating the nearby Fire Station 13 with the new one.

The issue of the building’s “street appeal” is affecting the cost.

Globerger said that there has been some talk among village officials about possibly moving the village campus next to the recently built Glenview Police Department headquarters at 2500 E. Lake Ave.

This idea is still being discussed but could affect the exterior design of the new fire station, he said. At the moment, the village hall looks very different from the village trustees’ vision of what downtown Glenview should look like.

“We’re trying to get pricing both ways,” Globerger said. “… The question is how fancy do they want the outside of the fire station to look?”

Previous posts on the new fire station are HERE, HERE, and HERE.

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New Glenview fire station passes first hurdle

The Chicago Sun-Times has an article about the new headquarters fire station for Glenview getting plan commission approval.

The Glenview Plan Commission has approved the final site plan for the new fire station to be built at 1815 Glenview Road.

Approval came at a meeting that also served as a public hearing, allowing residents to voice their concerns and make suggestions about the new station. Most concerns raised by the public were about lighting and noise from trucks entering and exiting the station. In response to worries about noise, Deputy Fire Chief Ralph Ensign said the trucks use sirens and horns only when absolutely necessary, even during the day. The new traffic design at the intersection in front of the future station also allows trucks to pull out without horns and sirens.

When it comes to lights, Jeff Brady, Glenview’s director of planning, said proposed landscaping and fences act as a buffer. The fire department is also using new trucks with headlights situated lower than before, which keeps them from shining into windows.

Before commissioners approved the final plan and conditional-use permit, they made suggestions to architects from the AT Group, which is managing the project, regarding the appearance of the building. Most notable was the discrepancy between the residential style of the administrative portion of the building and the commercial style of the station portion.

“It looks like two different buildings,” said commission member Mark W. Igleski.

The administrative portion, which will hold offices, was designed in a more residential style, with high ceilings and peaked gables, aspects that concern commission member Ellen Dickson.

“This is not a residence,” she said. “Basically we’re building empty space for looks. … I would strongly encourage the Village Board to not mix their metaphors and allow a civic building to look like a civic building.”

The suggestions will be considered when the plan is reviewed by the appearance board Wednesday. If there are no problems with the final design, the final plan could go under review at the Sept. 17 Village Board meeting.

Full plans and previous posts can be found HERE.

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Glenview to build new FD headquarters (more)

Glenview Fire Department

Glenview Fire Department

The Chicago Tribune (local) has an article about updated plans for the new fire department headquarters being built in Glenview.

Final designs are underway for the new Glenview Fire Department headquarters near the village hall campus.

Glenview trustees recently discussed the project at 1215 Waukegan Road, the site of a former police station.

The fire station had to move from its location at 1815 Glenview Road because that site is part of a four-story development between Pine and Church streets.

The former police department building, which has been vacant for six or seven years, was originally considered for renovation, but after the village looked closer at the costs of updates it was decided to tear down the building and construct a new one, said Village Manager Todd Hileman.

“There was no real budgetary difference between rehabbing and ripping the building out and starting anew,” Hileman said.

The project, budgeted at about $5.5 million, is scheduled to be finalized by the village trustees in August, he said.

“We are currently bidding out the work right now for demolition and site work,” he said, adding that the former police station is scheduled to be demolished in September.

During a July 16 village meeting, trustees directed the architects to look into expanding the station so it can accommodate three fire trucks. They also considered different options for the size and material of the building’s roof that could change the cost of the project.

Trustee Michael Jenny supported expanding the station, increasing the number of bunk beds from six to nine, and other officials agreed.

“I’d be much more inclined to spend on flexibility as opposed to aesthetic improvements,” Jenny said during the meeting, adding that he would prefer the cheaper shingled roof.

Most of the other trustees also favored a shingled roof instead of a metal one, which costs more but lasts longer, according to the project’s planners.

Fire Chief Wayne Globerger said he would prefer to expand the station even more to include a half bay for the battalion chief’s vehicle. This way during winter time, for example, the battalion chief, who travels to every incident in town, could easily access his car through the garage, Hileman explained.

But Globerger said the department could adjust its operational details.

“We’ll make it work with whatever you give us,” Globerger said.

Glenview Fire Department Glenview Fire Department

Previously we posted articles on the move and temporary quarters.

The entire packet with drawings can be downloaded : GlenviewSta6.

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Glenview moves to temporary station

The Glenview Fire Department has officially vacated Station 6 at 1815 Glenview Road. As mentioned HERE, the building will be torn down as part of a redevelopment of downtown Glenview. The headquarters staff and offices have been temporarily moved to the police station and the companies have been scattered:

  • Battalion 6 is running out of Station 14
  • Ambulance 6 is running out of Station 13
  • Engine 6 is running out of a temporary station on the park district property at Glenview Road.


Glenview Fire Department

Glenview Engine 6 at the temporary fire station. Larry Shapiro photo

Glenview Fire Department

Living quarters and apparatus bay on the park district site. Larry Shapiro photo

Glenview Fire Department

The now vacant Glenview FD headquarters building and Station 6. Larry Shapiro photo


Glenview Fire Department

This memorial marker was removed to be stored and reinstalled when the new facility is built. Larry Shapiro photo

Glenview Fire Department

Bench and bell relocated from the old building. Larry Shapiro photo




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Glenview to build new FD headquarters

The Village of Glenview is going ahead with plans to further develop the downtown area along Glenview Road which includes the property houses Glenview Fire Department Headquarters Station 6.


Glenview Fire Department headquarters fire station 6

Glenview Fire Department headquarters Fire Station 6. Larry Shapiro photo

The fire department will relocate to a temporary station on the vacant park district property further west on Glenview Road at Roosevelt Avenue. Fire department administration will share space within the Glenview Police Station until the new fire station is built on the site of the old police station on Waukegan Road.

temporary fire station during construction

Possible temporary structure to house fire apparatus. Clear Span Fabric Structures photo

The temporary Station 6 will consist of a double-wide trailer and a temporary salt dome structure for Engine 6. Ambulance 6 and Battalion 6 will relocate to Station 14.

The Trib-Local has a recent article discussing concerns about the temporary station from local residents.

When residents living near a site picked by the Glenview Fire Department for a temporary fire station wondered recently why they had to endure the new noise, lights and traffic, they were told it was a matter of response times.

Fire Chief Wayne Globerger said at a public hearing that a search of the town found the only available area of the right size was in the residential neighborhood at the intersection of Glenview Road and Roosevelt Avenue. The location is needed for about 18 months because new development is forcing the department out of its current location at 1815 Glenview Road and a station must be built on the permanent site at 1215 Waukegan Ave. Construction may not begin until fall.

Consolidation of stations was possible, he said, but would have added four to six minutes to response times for certain areas of the village.

“While not every call is critical,” Globerger said, “for those calls that are critical, minutes do count.” He estimated the station would get an average of two calls per night.

Trustees were expected to vote on the temporary location this week. Plans call for erection of two temporary buildings to house three employees and one fire truck. Firefighters must make way by April 30 for a four-story development along Glenview Road between Pine and Church streets.

The complete article is HERE which includes residents worrying about the lights and sirens disturbing them at night.

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