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Glenview to go ahead with plans for new fire station

The Glenview Announcements has an article on the updated progress of the new headquarters fire station to be built for the Glenview Fire Department.

Glenview officials on Wednesday approved the larger of two designs for a new downtown fire station headquarters.

Trustees asked architects to design a facility with three vehicle bays and nine firefighter rest bunks for $6.3 million. The original plan was for 2 ½ bays and six bunks for future expansion at $5.6 million.

Also, a peaked roof to hide mechanical equipment and a tower to comply with downtown designs were added to the plan.

“Expanding could cost a lot more later. I’m comfortable with (Fire Chief Wayne Globerger’s) need for a third bay,” Britton said.

Trustees also approved design appearances, such as banded-stone exterior facades, pilasters and a mid-building tower.

“The fire station should compliment other buildings in the area. It’s a long-term, and should be a marquee and held to the same standards as other contracted buildings,” Trustee Michael Jenny said. In May, trustees voted to support a new fire station and headquarters next to Village Hall on Waukegan Road.

In December 2012, the Village Board approved a plan to demolish and redevelop the old fire station headquarters at 1815 Glenview Road into a four-story structure that includes 142 rentals with first-floor retail storefronts.

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New Glenview fire station passes first hurdle

The Chicago Sun-Times has an article about the new headquarters fire station for Glenview getting plan commission approval.

The Glenview Plan Commission has approved the final site plan for the new fire station to be built at 1815 Glenview Road.

Approval came at a meeting that also served as a public hearing, allowing residents to voice their concerns and make suggestions about the new station. Most concerns raised by the public were about lighting and noise from trucks entering and exiting the station. In response to worries about noise, Deputy Fire Chief Ralph Ensign said the trucks use sirens and horns only when absolutely necessary, even during the day. The new traffic design at the intersection in front of the future station also allows trucks to pull out without horns and sirens.

When it comes to lights, Jeff Brady, Glenview’s director of planning, said proposed landscaping and fences act as a buffer. The fire department is also using new trucks with headlights situated lower than before, which keeps them from shining into windows.

Before commissioners approved the final plan and conditional-use permit, they made suggestions to architects from the AT Group, which is managing the project, regarding the appearance of the building. Most notable was the discrepancy between the residential style of the administrative portion of the building and the commercial style of the station portion.

“It looks like two different buildings,” said commission member Mark W. Igleski.

The administrative portion, which will hold offices, was designed in a more residential style, with high ceilings and peaked gables, aspects that concern commission member Ellen Dickson.

“This is not a residence,” she said. “Basically we’re building empty space for looks. … I would strongly encourage the Village Board to not mix their metaphors and allow a civic building to look like a civic building.”

The suggestions will be considered when the plan is reviewed by the appearance board Wednesday. If there are no problems with the final design, the final plan could go under review at the Sept. 17 Village Board meeting.

Full plans and previous posts can be found HERE.

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