The Village of Glenview is going ahead with plans to further develop the downtown area along Glenview Road which includes the property houses Glenview Fire Department Headquarters Station 6.


Glenview Fire Department headquarters fire station 6

Glenview Fire Department headquarters Fire Station 6. Larry Shapiro photo

The fire department will relocate to a temporary station on the vacant park district property further west on Glenview Road at Roosevelt Avenue. Fire department administration will share space within the Glenview Police Station until the new fire station is built on the site of the old police station on Waukegan Road.

temporary fire station during construction

Possible temporary structure to house fire apparatus. Clear Span Fabric Structures photo

The temporary Station 6 will consist of a double-wide trailer and a temporary salt dome structure for Engine 6. Ambulance 6 and Battalion 6 will relocate to Station 14.

The Trib-Local has a recent article discussing concerns about the temporary station from local residents.

When residents living near a site picked by the Glenview Fire Department for a temporary fire station wondered recently why they had to endure the new noise, lights and traffic, they were told it was a matter of response times.

Fire Chief Wayne Globerger said at a public hearing that a search of the town found the only available area of the right size was in the residential neighborhood at the intersection of Glenview Road and Roosevelt Avenue. The location is needed for about 18 months because new development is forcing the department out of its current location at 1815 Glenview Road and a station must be built on the permanent site at 1215 Waukegan Ave. Construction may not begin until fall.

Consolidation of stations was possible, he said, but would have added four to six minutes to response times for certain areas of the village.

“While not every call is critical,” Globerger said, “for those calls that are critical, minutes do count.” He estimated the station would get an average of two calls per night.

Trustees were expected to vote on the temporary location this week. Plans call for erection of two temporary buildings to house three employees and one fire truck. Firefighters must make way by April 30 for a four-story development along Glenview Road between Pine and Church streets.

The complete article is HERE which includes residents worrying about the lights and sirens disturbing them at night.