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Peoria Heights Fire Department news (more)

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The room was packed Tuesday afternoon in the Peoria Heights Village Hall for a historic public safety decision.

During the special meeting, the village went back and forth on whether to outsource the 106-year-old volunteer fire department to the City of Peoria.

The concerns and frustrations were visible on the faces of the firefighters, EMTs, and residents in attendance. The board of trustees weighed all options, with representatives of both Peoria Heights and Peoria fire departments on hand to answer questions.

Peoria Fire Chief Shawn Sollberger made it clear that the Peoria Heights administration approached City Manager Patrick Urich on if a change would help. He added Peoria fire could get to 93% of calls in Peoria Heights within four minutes.

Two trustees said the most surprising comment came from fellow trustee Matt Wigginton.

He said there is an Illinois law saying local governments serving more than 500 people cannot abolish a fire department without passing a voter referendum.

“In all of our discussions, we’ve heard it’s either this or that,” said Trustee Wigginton. “It’s either you do this and can’t do that. Well, I think we can do both. And frankly, I don’t see another way legally to do it.”

Wigginton said it’s possible to use a model that would use both fire departments.

No action was taken on the proposed idea.

The Peoria Heights Village Board is expected to meet on the matter again next month. No date has been set.

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Glen Ellyn Fire Department history (more)

This from Mike Summa for #TBT:

For TBT-This was the Glen Ellyn Fire Dept.’s Hook & Ladder #8, a 1948 Pirsch Quad/Eng.  Comment and Enjoy
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Of interest … Firefighter Lloyd Ruediger LODD

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The New Haven-Berger Fire Protection District mourns the loss of one of its own. Firefighter Lloyd Ruediger recently died in the line of duty. He dedicated 59 years of his life to the New Haven community. He was 84 years old.

Ruediger was a volunteer firefighter. The fire district says he died Monday after responding to a house fire the evening before. He suffered a cardiac arrest. He is survived by three adult children and many grandchildren.

“He was an army veteran. Fifty-nine years of service, dedicated service to this community. It’s a tragic loss for New Haven-Berger Fire and everyone that he touched over the years,” said Mike Thiemann, Metro West Fire District Division Chief.

Chief Thiemann had come to the fire district to help with service and funeral planning, and said several nearby agencies have been keeping watch over him.

“They’ve been watching over Lloyd since this occurred. He is at the medical examiner’s office, and they’ve been keeping watch,” said Thiemann “They will continue that throughout this entire process so that the family has confidence that he’s being taken care of.”

Firefighter honors will be paid on Thursday at 10:30 a.m. at the New Haven Fire Station.

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