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Sun Prairie Fire Department news (more)

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Two utility contractors faulted for contributing to an explosion that leveled part of downtown Sun Prairie and killed a volunteer firefighter in July were each fined $12,934, the maximum penalty allowed for serious violations by the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration. 

In citation letters dated Jan. 4, OSHA said its inspectors found that Kansas-based Bear Communications and Michigan-based VC Tech failed to call a diggers hotline or utility owners to locate underground lines before starting work.

VC Tech, which was subcontracted by Bear Communications, punctured an unmarked underground gas line at about 6:20 p.m. on July 10 while boring a hole under Bristol Street and Main Street in Sun Prairie as part of a fiber communication line project for Verizon. The damaged gas line led to the explosion about 45 minutes after it was punctured, destroying five buildings, damaging several others and displacing dozens of residents.

Cory Barr, a captain with the Sun Prairie Volunteer Fire Department and owner of a tavern destroyed in the blast, was killed in the explosion. Two other volunteer firefighters were injured.

Bear Communications then contracted with VC Tech, mistakenly telling the company that the utility marking had been completed. VC Tech then punctured the gas line while doing horizontal-directional boring.

In addition to the OSHA findings, state regulators have been asked to consider issuing penalties to VC Tech. A panel that polices utility notification laws asked for the penalties after receiving a complaint from USIC Locating Services that claimed VC Tech violated state law when it failed to notify the state utility call center before starting work on July 10. Under state law, the Public Service Commission can issue fines of $25,000 per violation and up to $500,000 in fines for multiple violations.

USIC’s complaint, filed in October, alleged that VC Tech illegally piggybacked on the other company’s work order and failed to notify the call center before starting its work.

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Illinois State Police LODD, 1-12-19

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Illinois State Trooper Christopher Lambert

Illinois State Trooper Christopher Lambert (Illinois State Police)

Illinois State Trooper Christopher Lambert, 34, was traveling home on Interstate 294 near Northbrook Saturday night (1/12/19) when he saw a three-car crash and stopped to investigate. Lambert, a five-year veteran of the state police, was standing near the crash site when he was struck by a Jeep traveling north. The vehicle failed to slow down and threw Lambert several feet. A nurse at the scene performed CPR on him until paramedics arrived.

He was pronounced dead at a hospital around 7:25 p.m. He leaves behind a 1-year-old child.

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Aurora Fire Department LODD Anniversary

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The Aurora Fire Department will honor the lives of three firefighters who died fighting a fire at a Woolworth store 85 years ago. Thirty-seven-year-old Capt. Herbert Reiss, 48-year-old Capt. John Petersohn and 35-year-old firefighter Charles Hoffman died when an exterior wall collapsed on them as they fought the large fire at the Woolworth 5 & 10 store.

An honor guard will mark the anniversary by placing a wreath at the site of the Jan. 11, 1934 fire that was the most destructive blaze in Aurora history.

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Clinton Iowa Firefighter LODD (more)

Lieutenant Eric Hosette Service information:

Visitation: January 11, 2019 from 2:00PM to 8:00PM, Zion Lutheran Church, 439 3rd Ave S., Clinton, Iowa 52732.   

Memorial Service: 11:30AM Saturday, January 12, 2019, at 500 Riverview Drive, Riverview Park, Clinton Iowa next to the band shell. All fire department personnel are welcome to attend. Please make plans to arrive early due to the estimated attendance.  A luncheon for fellowship will take place at Vista Grande, 2142 16th St. N.W., in Clinton immediately following the service.  

Any department sending fire apparatus needs to contact Camanche Fire Chief Dave Schutte ( for rig placement, staging, and accountability for the procession.  Mapping for the route will be provided prior to arrival.  For all Illinois apparatus there will be staging at the Fulton fire station at Il. Rt. 84 and Rt. 136.  The procession will leave at 10:30AM sharp and proceed to the Clinton staging area as one group.

Donations: There have been accounts set up for both firefighters at the Clinton National Bank, 235 6th Ave South, Clinton, IA 52732 (563) 243-1243 for those that would like to make a donation to the families.

Nearest Accommodations:

Wild Rose Casino

777 Wild Rose Dr.

Clinton, IA 52732


Country Inn & Suites

2224 Lincoln Way

Clinton, IA 52732


Hampton Inn

2781 Wild Rose Circle S

Clinton, IA 52732


There will be more details on parking, routes the procession will take, and final internment, in future press releases.

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Clinton Iowa Firefighter LODD (more)

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After a social media push, residents of Clinton, Iowa and beyond started illuminating the outside of homes in red and wearing crimson to show support to the Clinton Fire Department and the family of Lt. Eric Hosette along with Firefighter Adam Cain and his family as he recovers. 

The red at Fulton High School Monday goes beyond school pride. The River Bend School District Superintendent said he got a call during the weekend from a staff member about donning red in support. It was after seeing plans for Clinton schools and businesses to do the same. In the sea of red at Fulton High School, students express their strong bonds to the fallen and injured firefighters. On a day when even the clouds shed tears, homes in Fulton, Illinois send their sympathy to neighbor Clinton, Iowa.

Through Fulton High School’s Community Involvement work-study program, seniors spend time at the Clinton firehouse as part of a classroom to learn and work toward a career as a firefighter.

Senior Larson Barnett said, “Eric [Hosette] taught me everything on the truck and what it does, and it was a really great experience, and I went on a lot of calls with Adam, and he’s just a great guy and helped me a lot.”

The wear red campaign also happened in Goose Lake and Columbus Junction, Iowa, and Morrison, Illinois.

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Clinton Iowa Firefighter LODD (more)

Dinges Fire Company fundraiser for Clinton Firefighters Dinges Fire Company fundraiser for Clinton Firefighters

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Clinton Iowa Firefighter LODD

Clinton (IA) Fire Chief Mike Brown confirmed the death of Lt. Eric Hosette in an explosion at Clinton’s Archer Daniels Midland plant Saturday. A second firefighter was in critical but stable condition in Iowa City Saturday night.

He said a fire call came in at approximately 5:45 a.m. Saturday. What firefighters thought was a stabilizing incident turned into an explosion. He said the call was unusual in that two separate shifts responded to the ADM fire.

“First shift got there and somewhat stabilized the incident,” Brown said. “And they traded off shifts at seven in the morning like we do every day. And about 8:45, what we thought was a stabilizing incident, there was an explosion.”

Hosette, a lieutenant who had been on the Clinton Fire Department for 12 years, was taken to Mercy Medical Center where personnel did everything possible to revive him but he did not survive.

Clinton Firefighter Adam Cain, 23, was found after the explosion. Cain, who has served on the Clinton Fire Department for almost two years, was flown to Iowa City where he was critical but stable as of Saturday evening.

Saturday morning’s incident took place at the third silo at ADM where employees discovered smoldering material in one of the silo storage bins at the loading facility at about 5:45 a.m. ADM immediately contacted the Clinton Fire Department.

While firefighters were on the scene, a couple of hours after the initial call, an explosion occurred in the silo, killing one firefighter.

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Double Chicago Police Department LODD (more)

This from Asher Heimermann:


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Sun Prairie Fire Department news (more)


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A criminal investigation into who was responsible for a massive explosion that leveled several buildings and killed a volunteer firefighter last July has concluded that no crime was committed, Sun Prairie Police Chief Patrick Anhalt said Thursday. A broken chain of communication between utility contractors and subcontractors resulted in the location of a gas line being improperly marked prior to the July 10 explosion.

Abigail Barr, the widow of Sun Prairie Volunteer Fire Department Capt. Cory Barr, who was killed by the explosion, filed a lawsuit Thursday claiming VC Tech, Bear Communications, USIC Locating Services, and WEC Energy Group, known as We Energies are responsible for Barr’s death in the explosion.

Volunteer firefighters Ryan Welch and Greg Pavlik also filed lawsuits against the four companies for personal injury.

A police report released Thursday indicated the failure to mark a key spot where fiber-optic communications cable being installed by Verizon was to cross the path of the gas line happened because a subcontractor had dropped out of the project. As a result, the company marking the pavement on behalf of the subcontractor did not finish locating the underground utilities. When the underground work was passed on to another subcontractor, the contractor doing the work for Verizon told the new subcontractor to proceed, believing the work locating underground utilities had been finished. But it had not. The new subcontractor then struck the gas line in the street, which led to the explosion that destroyed several businesses and killed Barr and injured several others.

The state Fire Marshal’s Office said in its final report that investigators could not find what caused the gas to ignite, only that the explosion originated near the Barr House, 100 W. Main St.

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Double Chicago Police Department LODD

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An offender was in custody in connection with the shots fired and a weapon was recovered.

Police Supt. Eddie Johnson identified the officers as Eduardo Marmolejo, 37, and Conrad Gary, 31. Marmolejo was on the force for 2 1/2 years and Gary was had been an officer for 18 months.

In an email to the police department, Johnson said he was ” devastated to share some tragic news. Tonight, Officer Eduardo Marmolejo and Officer Conrad Gar were killed in the line of duty while responding to a call for service on the railroad tracks. Both officers were fatally struck by a passing train. I am deeply saddened by this tragic event and ask that everyone keep their family and co-workers in their thoughts and prayers.”

The Calumet District (5th), where the two officers worked, has had an especially rough year. Two Calumet officers have taken their own lives in the parking lot of the station, which is in Pullman, and another died while working in the station.

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Two Chicago police officers were struck and killed by a South Shore Line train Monday evening on Chicago’s South Side. Shortly after 6 p.m., the officers responded to a call of shots fired near the tracks near 103rd Street and Cottage Grove. While they were investigating, they were struck by the train. The officers were pronounced dead at the scene. and have not yet been identified.

CPD Spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said the two officers were newly-appointed. In a tweet, Guglielmi said a weapon was recovered at the scene and a person of interest was being questioned at the site where the officers died.

About 6:20 p.m., Metra officials were informed that the people had been struck by eastbound South Shore Line train 119 near 103rd Street.  As a result, all power was shut down on the Metra Electric District Line from 69th Street to 115th Street.

South Shore Line trains are stopped in both directions and are facing extensive delays. At about 9 p.m., passengers from eastbound Train 119 were bussed to Hegewisch Station, where they could board a train to their final destinations.

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