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Peoria Heights Fire Department news

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After months of deliberation and debating on what the next best move is for the Peoria Heights Fire Department, they’ve come to the decision to appoint Dan Decker to be their new fire chief on Tuesday, November 7. With a vast background, Decker is the former Fire Chief for East Peoria, and has been a part of the fire service since 1991.

The Peoria Heights mayor stated that the first order of business for the new fire chief is to give an assessment on the needs of the department and take his recommendations to the board of trustees.

Decker said that he has no pre-conceived notions about what he plans to implement, he just hopes to use his many years of experience to do what is best for the department and for the city.

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Peoria Heights Fire Department news (more)

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Fire services in Peoria Heights will now be taken care of by two municipalities.

Village trustees approved a contract with the city of Peoria at its regular meeting Tuesday evening.  The village will spend more than $300,000 to have Peoria supplement and help out on fire calls Peoria Heights receives.

With the assistance of the Peoria Fire Department, 90% of Peoria Heights will have a response time of under four minutes for fire calls.

The contract is needed because volunteers within the Peoria Heights Fire Department have decreased, to the point where disbanding the 106-year-old department was considered.

Peoria Heights is also seeking a new fire chief, who will be tasked with trying to increase numbers in the department. Previous chiefs have tried cadet programs at Peoria Heights High School to help increase numbers., but it’s still a struggle to find volunteers.

Applications for a fire chief have come in, and interviews should be happening in the near future.


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Peoria Heights Fire Department news (more)

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The room was packed Tuesday afternoon in the Peoria Heights Village Hall for a historic public safety decision.

During the special meeting, the village went back and forth on whether to outsource the 106-year-old volunteer fire department to the City of Peoria.

The concerns and frustrations were visible on the faces of the firefighters, EMTs, and residents in attendance. The board of trustees weighed all options, with representatives of both Peoria Heights and Peoria fire departments on hand to answer questions.

Peoria Fire Chief Shawn Sollberger made it clear that the Peoria Heights administration approached City Manager Patrick Urich on if a change would help. He added Peoria fire could get to 93% of calls in Peoria Heights within four minutes.

Two trustees said the most surprising comment came from fellow trustee Matt Wigginton.

He said there is an Illinois law saying local governments serving more than 500 people cannot abolish a fire department without passing a voter referendum.

“In all of our discussions, we’ve heard it’s either this or that,” said Trustee Wigginton. “It’s either you do this and can’t do that. Well, I think we can do both. And frankly, I don’t see another way legally to do it.”

Wigginton said it’s possible to use a model that would use both fire departments.

No action was taken on the proposed idea.

The Peoria Heights Village Board is expected to meet on the matter again next month. No date has been set.

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Peoria Heights Fire Department news

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The Peoria Heights Village Board of Trustees has wrestled with whether or not to outsource its volunteer fire department, but there were talks of transferring the services to the City of Peoria during last week’s board meeting.

The Village of Peoria Heights has discussed this potential move since 20-19. The village administrator believes it could better protect residents, but Peoria fire’s projected costs for fire calls and EMS services would exceed the budgeted amount for 2022 in Peoria Heights. The budget for all fire and EMS last year was $407,000. The projected cost for fire calls alone, if the board of trustees outsources the service, is $1,600 per call.

It’s unclear whether any agreement would be per call or a flat annual rate.

Terms of the contract have not been negotiated yet. The mayor of Peoria Heights said they can’t afford to pay a professional department, and the citizens of the village deserve to have more than one firefighter on duty at a time.

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New engine for Peoria Heights

From Global Emergency Products

new fire engine for the Peoria Heights FD

Pierce Saber 1500/500 for Peoria Heights Engine 653. Pierce composite

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