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Newport Township Fire Protection District Training Burn, 6-10-23

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As seen around … Peoria

This from Michael Maida:

There have been several postings on the website recently regarding the Peoria FD. I had an opportunity to go to there recently and was able to see some of what has been talked about.  I stopped by Peoria Fire stations 3, 11, and 15.  Station 3 is home to Engine 3 and Truck 3.  Station 11 is home to Engine 11 and Rescue 1.  Engine 11 and Rescue 1 are jump companies as are Engine 3 and Truck 3.   They have a mixed fleet of KME, Pierce, and E-One.  Engine 11 is back in service in that neighborhood after 20 years.
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Michael Maida photo; #FireTruck; #PeoriaFD; #MicaelMaida; #FireTruck; #pierce;

Michael Maida photo; #FireTruck; #PeoriaFD; #MicaelMaida; #FireTruck;

Michael Maida photo

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Chicago Fire Department news

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Two men were injured, one critically, in a fire at an abandoned home on Chicago’s South Side early Monday morning. The fire broke out about 2:35 a.m. in the 4700-block of South Princeton Avenue in the city’s Fuller Park neighborhood.

The two men, ages 45 and 68, were taken to University of Chicago Medical Center in fair and critical condition, both were suffering from smoke inhalation and one was also burned.

When firefighters arrived at the one-and-a-half story building, the flames were intense, but the fire was put out just before 4 a.m.

The cause of the fire was not immediately available.

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