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Countryside Fire Protection District news

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Countryside Fire Protection District firefighters teamed with a Vernon Hills High School teacher to demonstrate icy water rescues for students Thursday.

Outdoor/adventure education teacher Jerry Miceli played the victim for the demonstrations, which were staged at a pond near the school’s football stadium. He donned a insulated protective suit before repeatedly submersing himself in the water.

The students were told how to save themselves if they fall into a partially frozen lake and also how to save other people using ladders, rope or even extension cords.

“You can learn from a PowerPoint (presentation), but unless you do it, I don’t think you get the full benefit,” he said.

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Knollwood Fire Department news (more)

From The Friends of the Knollwood Fire Department:

The Friends of Knollwood Fire Department are seeking the help of our community in the efforts to keep the Knollwood Fire Dept providing services to the Rockland Fire Protection District. The Knollwood Fire Department has been providing cost effective services to the district for the last 70 years.  The current Rockland Fire Protection District Board of Trustees are actively soliciting proposals that would outsource all Fire and EMS services, thus closing the doors of the Knollwood Fire Department. This decision is currently in the hands of a three person appointed board and not the residents of the community whose tax dollars are spent.  Moneys have been spent creating petitions, yard signs and retaining legal counsel. We expect to need future funds for more signs and mailers as information comes to light, as well as in anticipation of the referendum in April to have the Board of Trustees elected as opposed to appointed. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.  For more information please Like or Follow Friends of Knollwood Fire on Facebook.
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Schaumburg Fire Department news

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The rebuilt Jane Addams Tollway (I-90) brought new lanes, modernized interchanges, and an unwelcome surprise for Schaumburg firefighters — a longer response time for crashes.

Previously, firefighters responding to an incident would enter westbound I-90 at Route 53, but a concrete barrier now divides the westbound I-90 local and express lanes for a mile or so between Route 53 and just west of Meacham Road.

“This makes it increasingly difficult for emergency vehicles to access many parts of I-90,” said Fire Chief Chief David A. Schumann. “It’s a public safety issue.”

The tollway was a good partner during the I-90 construction, keeping the village in the loop about the project, Schumann said.

Schaumburg typically covers 911 calls on westbound I-90 between Route 53 and Barrington Road.

As a temporary solution, Schaumburg firefighters now enter I-90 at Arlington Heights Road, which gives them access to all lanes, but the reroute is longer and costs precious time. There’s going to be delayed responses of up to 15 minutes, Schumann estimated. The Schaumburg is talking with Arlington Heights and Hoffman Estates on a Plan B.

The toll agency “works with local communities to ensure that the impacts of improvements made to our roadway system will continue to allow full access to emergency service providers,” spokesman Dan Rozek said. “While designing and building the Meacham Road Interchange, the tollway worked closely with the village of Schaumburg to ensure the new interchange was appropriately designed to meet the needs of emergency responders.”

For Hoffman Estates, new ramps to and from the west at I-90 and Roselle Road will “mean a world of difference getting someone to the hospital quickly,” Fire Chief Jeffrey Jorian said.

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With the help of Palatine FD Battalion Chief Doug Hoyt, the Palatine Fire Department station listings have been updated and are current.

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