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Naperville Fire Department news

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Naperville is now one of only four locations in the State of Illinois licensed to test the physical ability of firefighter candidates looking for employment.

The Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) is a standardized test that many departments nationwide require during the application process as a predictor of an applicant’s ability to perform basic firefighting tasks. Until recently, the test was only administered at three Illinois locations – Decatur, Glenview, and Indian Head Park. Naperville will administer the CPAT at 1200 W. Ogden Avenue beginning in January.

The Candidate Physical Ability Test consists of eight activities, which candidates must complete in less than 10 minutes and 20 seconds while wearing a hard hat, gloves and a weighted vest to simulate the weight of firefighting equipment. Exercises include a stair climb, hose drag, equipment carry, ladder raise and extension, forcible entry, search, rescue and ceiling breach and pull. Success is measured on a pass/fail basis.

To ensure that all candidates have an equal opportunity to succeed, the CPAT includes an orientation and mentoring process that begins eight weeks prior to the test. This process involves an explanation of the test and its physical demands, recommendations of training and conditioning drills, and an opportunity to preview and practice the exercises with trained proctors.

More information about the CPAT program in Naperville and how to register for the first session, which begins with an orientation on February 18 and culminates with a final test on April 9, can be found at

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Lemont Fire Protection District news

From the Lemont FPD Facebook page:

A very big “Thank You” to David Hill and ExxonMobil Refining & Supply. On Friday, the District received a donation of $2000.00. The funds will support efforts to upgrade emergency response equipment and training opportunities for our firefighters. Thank You ExxonMobil, we appreciate your support.

Lemont FPD receives donationxac

Lemont FPD photo

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Chicago Fire Department news

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One person was seriously injured in a high-rise fire in the South Shore neighborhood Monday night.

The fire broke out about 7:20 p.m. at 7100 S. South Shore Drive, bringing firefighters and at least six ambulances to the scene. One victim was taken to Jackson Park Hospital in serious to critical condition.

The fire was declared under control just after 7:35 p.m. and was confined to the apartment where the injured person was found. Firefighters were able to vent smoke from the fire out of the building right away.

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Chicago Fire Department news

News from CFD Chaplain Fr. Tom Mulcrone:

When Cardinal Bernardin in 1987 named me as the Chaplain of the Chicago Fire Department his letter of appointment stated that there was a term of office of 3 years for this position, renewable upon review. No one ever bothered to call regarding that review. So, thirty years later I look back proudly and happily at all that has happened in my years as your Chaplain, grateful that the good Cardinal forgot about that letter.
And it has been quite a ride!
There have been moments of incredible joy and satisfaction that have made these years a delight. Truly, I have been blessed beyond words. But there have also been those times of tragedy and great sadness, especially when one of our own had fallen. Yet through it all I knew I was loved and supported by so many who stood by my side, always encouraging me. And, of course, I knew and trusted in the unconditional love of God who always saw me through the good and the bad. How truly blessed I have been on this journey.
Over the past year I have taken a lot of time to consider this road I have been on and how I want so much to go forward living my life to the full. Through prayer and the wise counsel of trusted family and friends I have decided that the time has come for me to retire as the Chaplain of this great fire department. The decision has not been arrived at easily – in some ways it’s frightening beyond words. To let go of something you love to do – work that is both meaningful and exciting at the same time – is still difficult for me to comprehend. The most difficult part of all this is having to say goodbye to all of you – the members, the retirees, the families. I have counted the fires, the emergency responses and all the runs I responded to – but I cannot quantify the incredible moments and events I have shared with so many of you.
This decision, as I have noted, has been a difficult one but the right one. I have my health and my wits about me (some might debate that point) and I will be retiring on my terms. Also, it will be good for the CFD to experience the ministry of a new Chaplain who can bring a fresh perspective and greater energy to this important work. To that end I am working with the Archdiocese to ensure that my successor be the right person for this vital ministry.
I will continue as the Chaplain until June 30 of this year – my “last day.” After that, I will take a 3 month sabbatical out of state to allow myself time to renew and regenerate and also afford the new Chaplain the opportunity to get to know all of you without the likes of me getting in the way. Of course, I won’t be completely walking away. I have made too many deep and abiding friendships to just slam the door; I look forward to enjoying the blessings of your friendship in retirement.
What else can I say but THANK YOU for 30 incredible years. I have been and, God willing, will continue to be the luckiest priest in Chicago – all because of you.

Fr. Tom

thanks Scott

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