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Fox River and Countryside Fire Rescue District news

Excerpts from the Kanecountychronicle:

The Fox River and Countryside Fire Protection District voted Jan. 9 at a special meeting to put a referendum on the April 4 ballot seeking an increase in its tax levy of 95 percent over the prior year levy.

Board President Bob Handley said it represents a property tax increase of $86 for a house with a fair market value of $100,000; $172 for a house valued at $200,000; or $258 for a house valued at $300,000. He said the increase is necessary for the district’s capital equipment and staffing needs.

Voters rejected a levy increase in 2015, but officials said they feel more confident of support this time – as the district would face budget cuts and going with part-time staff and volunteers – something residents have said they did not want.

“Our equipment is aging and there is no capital fund,” Handley said. “We are leasing equipment now to try and catch up. But we can’t keep doing that because the money is going to run out.”

The levy increase would bring in more than $2.4 million – for a total levy of nearly $5 million – which would help the district replace its fleet and equipment, provide for adequate staffing and reduce its debt.

Should such an increase pass, the fire district’s tax rate would rise to .529 – or nearly 53 cents – per $100 equalized assessed valuation, from its current .271 or 27 cents per $100 EAV. But it would still be the lowest in the area, officials said.

Neighboring Elburn Countryside Fire Protection District, for example, has a rate of .749 or nearly 75 cents per $100 EAV.

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A note from the webmaster:

I’d like to apologize to everyone who follows the website (in addition to the blog) for the lack of updates, changes and modernization of the main website. When the site was designed and went live in August of 2009, fire departments and districts throughout the region were added along with updates to stations and apparatus. In an effort to create a layout that I felt would be easy to view and navigate, the site was created using three different pieces of software. As time went on, the site grew, the blog evolved, and the monumental task of finishing the site became tremendous. It got to the point where a new department could be added in roughly the same time it took to update one or two rigs. Needless to say, this became unworkable. Consider that it took just under 20 minutes to add a new vehicle purchased to the page of a department on the site. There had to be a revamp of the entire site to make things more manageable.

As a stopgap measure, I made sure to post on the blog all new apparatus submitted while saving the images in a folder for updating the stations when possible. The current site has probably not been updated in over a year which is not acceptable.

After sampling several different software solutions to accomplish this, the project is well underway at this time. The job of recreating each and every department/station already on the site plus those that have never yet been posted is to say the least monumental.

It was initially my wish to complete the new site and make a one-time change to the new pages but that could still be months away. So, the current site is still online alongside the new site which is under development but available for anyone to access.

To date, the Chicago Fire Department is online along with MABAS Division 1, MABAS Division 3, and a portion of MABAS Division 4. Some of the new deliveries have been added to replace older rigs but many have not. Several contributors have been instrumental in assisting with the process of updating departments.

I welcome corrections and submissions as things progress. Please feel free to browse the site and submit constructive comments or corrections via I need to know what’s changed and welcome photos to fill the voids.

If your department has been added to the new site, please take a moment to verify the stats (personnel, frequency, district size, station addresses) that are listed. Apparatus may have been retired or relocated since they were added to the site and that information is needed.

You can tell when departments have been added to the site when there is a white box around the station photo on the MABAS division page and the link is active.

Take the new site for a spin … there are several ways to navigate through dropdown menus and full pages.

Most of all, please be patient. It’s a long and involved process that has to find it’s way into a busy schedule to get completed.



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Chicago FD paramedic attacked by patient

Excerpts from the

A 72-year-old man has been charged with trying to sexually assault a Chicago Fire Department paramedic who was taking him to a hospital after he crashed his car Wednesday night on the South Side.

Roy U. Hall struck a pole in the 3300 block of South King Drive about 9:30 p.m. and an ambulance was called, according to Fire Department spokesman Larry Langford.  While on the way to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Hall tried to assault the paramedic, a 36-year-old woman.

When the ambulance arrived at the hospital, Hall was restrained by security and the paramedic was treated for minor injuries.

Hall, of the 7700 block of South Calumet Avenue, was charged with aggravated battery of a protected employee and attempted aggravated criminal sexual abuse causing bodily harm, police said.

thanks Dan

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New engine for Buffalo Grove (more)

This from Andy Russell:

Had to run down to Fire Service yesterday to drop some stuff off for the new rigs. I was able to get a few shots of the engine. They just got lettered.

Buffalo Grove FD Engine 26

Andy Russell photo

Buffalo Grove FD Engine 26

Andy Russell photo

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