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High angle rescue in Deerfield

The Deerfield-Bannockburn Fire Protection District received a call around 1:30PM today reporting a window washer stranded near the top of a seven-story building at 520 Lake-Cook Road. An immediate alarm was struck for multiple companies to assist Deerfield units. The first arriving company found a worker dangling upside down roughly six feet below the roofline. The alarm was escalated for additional technical rescue companies.

Deerfield Truck 20 was able to quickly maneuver into position close to the building and raise the aerial ladder to reach the victim. Firefighters climbed the ladder and were able to free the worker from the rigging and bring him right to safety.

We will have several images from various people on the scene, none of which though show the worker before being rescued.

window washer rescued from Deerfield building 11-9-12

Looking no worse for the wear, the window washer gives information to a police officer. Larry Shapiro photo

window washer rescued from Deerfield building 11-9-12

After being rescued, the window washer is assisted into an ambulance to be checked out. Larry Shapiro photo

Check back for updates when the other images are submitted.

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Fox Lake engine for sale

Dennis McGuire, Jr. found this Fox Lake Hendrickson/EONE engine for sale HERE.

Fox Lake Fire Department 1976 EONE engine

When the Hendrickson 1871S/EONE engine was originally delivered in 1976, it was red (and lettered for Engine25). Larry Shapiro photo

Fox Lake Fire Department Hendrickson EONE engine

Later, it became Fox Lake Engine 2213 and was repainted to match the department’s fleet. Larry Shapiro photo

Fox Lake Fire Department Engine 2213

Another shot of Engine 2213 by Bill Friedrich.

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Fire Department patches added

We have recently received an influx of fire department patches to add to listings on the site. The following department patches have now been added:

Elk Grove Village Fire Department patch
Lemont Fire Protection District patch
Orland Fire Protection District patch
Oak Forest Fire Department patch

Matteson Fire Department patch

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