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New ambulance coming for Barrington

This from Martin Nowak:

Barrington FD new ambulance on an International Durastar chassis. On the Fire Service Inc. Facebook page.
new ambulance for the Barrington Fire Department

Fire Service, Inc. photo

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Cicero Box Alarm 10-30-12

This from Steve Redick:

Approximately 24th & Cicero…an old Railroad maintenance building…an old roundhouse. The aerial view is from the new Apple maps app. When I arrived there was nothing left to see firewise but they had 2 elevated master streams ready to go so I imagine it musta looked pretty good at first. Judging by the radio traffic I think they had an old RR engine on fire. Lyons squad was supplying a foam line to the interior, not sure if it was class a or b. I really like the shots of the hole cut through the fence to access the hydrant..I wonder how they knew it was there….The Berwyn engine was supplying a very long relay of LDH, from all the way across Cicero ave. If anyone has some info to add please feel free….
Steve Redick
Cicero Fire Department tiller tractor-drawn aerial

Cicero Truck 2 ready for elevated master stream operations. Steve Redick photo

Cicero Fire Department Tower Ladder Truck 1

Cicero Truck 1 with the aerial tower extended. Steve Redick photo

Cicero Fire Department fire in railroad roundhouse

Firefighters accessed the roundhouse via the overhead doors. Steve Redick photo

Cicero Fire Department Engine 2

Cicero Engine 2 was ready to supply the tower ladder. Steve Redick photo

Cicero Fire Department cuts hole in fence to access fire hydrant

Firefighters had to cut through a fence to access a hydrant in the neighboring Menards yard. Steve Redick photo

Berwyn Fire Department engine at fire scene

The Berwyn engine had a hydrant across Cicero Avenue. Steve Redick photo

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Peotone updates

This from Dennis McGuire, Jr.:

I have new vehicles for the page and some updated information on some of the rigs.
Here is the updated info.
Squad 15 Is a 1952/1985/1995/2000 American LaFrance/Pierce/Ideal Beverage/RPI, X-Huber Heights,Ohio
Explanation: The rig started out as a 1952 ALF Tiller in Huber Heights, Ohio then in 1985 the tractor was sent to Pierce and the cab was replaced with a Pierce Arrow 4-door. Then in 1995, it was sent to Ideal Beverage to have the tractor frame stretched and box installed. In 2000, Peotone bought the rig from Huber Heights and sent it to RPI to be repainted and have some modifications done.
Truck 15 is X-Fountain Valley,Cali.
Tanker 14 is X-New Vernon,NJ.
Amb. 14 the 2001 International/Horton is gone.
Peotone Fire Department Squad15
Peotone Fire Department Ambulance 14 Horton

Peotone Fire Department’s new Ambulance 14 is a 2012 Ford F-450 4×4 with a Type I body by Horton. Dennis McGuire, Jr. photo

Peotone fire Department chief vehicle

Peotone Chief 2715 uses this 2008 Ford Explorer. Dennis McGuire, Jr. photo

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