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Wheaton Fire Department history

This from Mike Summa:

This is the Wheaton Fire Dept.’s E402.   A 1970’s Seagrave with unknown specs.  I do not know a thing about Wheaton, so feel free to fill in the blanks.  Picture is from a fire muster in Wheaton in the early 90’s.
Mike Summa
classic Seagrave P-Series fire engine

Wheaton FD Engine 402. Mike Summa photo

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Wheaton Fire Department history

this from Stephen Wilcox:

Here’s an ancient rig. 1959 Ward LaFrance 1,000 gallon. I remember that the shift was a non-synchromesh. I only knew one engineer who could drive it without using the clutch. Wheaton had two of them in early sixties. Quite a vehicle.

1959 Ward LaFrance fire engine

Stephen Wilcox photo

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