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Former Chicago firehouse for sale (more)

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At a Plan Commission meeting June 15, officials will introduce a resolution to sell 102-year-old firehouse in Rogers Park at 1721 W. Greenleaf Ave. to Jim Andrews and Dean Vance, a long-time neighborhood couple who have sought to renovate the building for years.

They want to transform the firehouse into a work-live space that would include rooftop solar panels, a geothermal heating and cooling system, and two greenhouses. Other features would include parking for up to 10 cars; transforming the building’s 10,000-square-foot concrete lot into a landscaped garden; restoration and retention of the firehouse’s facade; and an emphasis on maintaining as much of the architectural integrity as possible.

The two would live on the second floor, while the first floor would be used for their ad agency and therapy practice. 

They attempted to buy the building during the city’s last round of bids in 2013-2014 and were among three finalists selected by community members to potentially take it over, but an error by the city required the process to be halted and restarted.

Earlier this year Ald. Joe Moore (49th) said though he had gone through a community input process to recommend the best buyer to the city, he was told he would have to choose the highest bidder instead.

In February, the city opened the Greenleaf Avenue firehouse back up to bids for the third time since it closed in 2009 and issued a request for proposals with a target selling price of $315,000.

The estimated $1,657,540 renovation could potentially triple the property’s value to about $925,280.  If all goes according to plan, the pair hope to have the renovations are finished by the end of 2018.

The station, formerly home to Engine Co. No. 102, has been on the market several times since it closed in 2009 after the construction of a newer firehouse. The 6,323-square-foot building was finished in 1915 and sits on a 8,934-square-foot lot.

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New use for old Chicago firehouse

This from the uptown

Status Check: 1217-19 W. Gunnison

FLATS Firehouse at 1217-19 W. Gunnison

How cool would it be to live in a firehouse? This formerly rundown and long-vacant firehouse near Gunnison and Lawrence is just about complete. The exterior has been cleaned up drastically, with all new windows, doors and new lighting. A garage door style window has been installed where the old wooden door once was, allowing more light in.
The apartments aren’t yet listed on the Flats Chicago website, but keep checking. A quick reminder of what this space once looked like:

1217-19 W. Gunnison (former view via Google)

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A visit to CFD Engine 85’s old house

This from Eric Haak:

For anyone who is interested, Engine 85’s old quarters at 3700 W. Huron is now a red-X building.  Don’t know if there are any plans to demolish the 114 year old building but with red-X status, plans could eventually be in the works.  Although it was occupied by a church for a while, it does not look like it has been actively used for a long time.  Engine 85 was the still engine for the Our Lady of the Angels school fire in 1958.


Chicago Fire Department history

Vacant quarters that previously housed Chicago Engine 85. Eric Haak photo

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A visit to Engine 53’s old house

This from Tyler Tobolt:

 here is a photo of the old CFD Engine 53 house on Packer

Old Chicago fire station

Vacant former quarters of CFD Engine 53. Tyler Tobolt photo

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