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3-Alarm fire in Saint Anne, 1-27-19

The St Anne Fire Protection District in Kankakee County battled a 3-Alarm house fire at 12750 E 7000 S Road today (1/27/19). The area was without hydrants and a tender shuttle was conducted with about a dozen units.

Firefighters battle house fire in frigid temperatures

Tim Olk photo

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3-Alarm brush fire in Pembroke Township, 2-20-17

This from Eric Haak:

The Pembroke Fire Protection District had a 3rd Alarm Interdivisional Brush Box on Monday (2/20). This came in just around 1030 hrs and lasted well into the afternoon. The area effected was about 1 square mile of overgrowth and woodlands between 5000 and 6000 south roads east of Illinois 56. There were several structures that were in jeopardy. The 3rd image shows the arrival of the Interdivisional convoy. The 4th image shows the MABAS 19 drone being used to assess the progress from the air. This is just an example of how this new technology can be used and it was highly effective at this incident due to the hilly nature of the terrain. For those who are not from the area, Pembroke is a township southeast of Kankakee, Illinois. It is a rural area where many of the residents live in dilapidated structures and mobile homes. These brush fires are common in this area because there is no garbage pick-up and residents routinely burn their trash. The images with fire showing are of the back-burning that was done along the South side of East 5000 Road.

back burning during brush fire

Eric Haak photo

fire chief at fire scene

Eric Haak photo

fire trucks staged at fire scene

Eric Haak photo

drone used at fire scene

Eric Haak photo

brush fire

Eric Haak photo

Peotone FPD Engine 14

Eric Haak photo

Kankakee Township FPD fire engine

Eric Haak photo

Momence FPD tanker

Eric Haak photo

St Anne FPD tanker

Eric Haak photo

Pembroke FPD

Eric Haak photo

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New area orders from Alexis

Bill Friedrich has submitted a list of area departments that have apparatus currently being built by Alexis.

  • Otto Township FPD @ Chebanse – 2012  IHC 7500 1,000-GPM 3,000-gallon tanker
  • St.Anne FPD – 2012  IHC 7400 500-GPM 2,000-gallon tanker
  • Algonquin Lake in the Hills FPD – 2012 Ford F-550  200-GPM 150-GWT  skid unit brush unit
  • Sycamore FD – 2012 Ford F-550  300-GPM 250-GWT  skid unit brush unit

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