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Champaign Fire Department news

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The Champaign Fire Department has announced it is planning on utilizing unmanned aerial systems (drones) in a variety of emergency situations.

Fire department officials say they are sending eight firefighters to Parkland College to receive pilot training and Federal Aviation Administration certification.  Additionally, the firefighters will participate in hands-on training prior to using the drones during actual emergencies.

To help the Champaign Fire Department in this effort, Horizon Hobby donated two drones for use in emergencies.  Various instances where these devices could be used include during hazardous materials response, natural disasters, water and ice rescues, large fires, and live fire training exercises.

Fire officials say they hope to begin using the drones on actual emergencies by January 2018.

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Rockford Fire Department news

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Rockford’s Fire Department is one of the first in the country to use drone technology to help with controlling fires and investigating them afterwards.

“It can stitch together a live map while you’re flying it, so basically you can have a damage assessment almost immediately available after flying it over a large area,” says Rockford Fire Leutenant, Trevor Hogan.

After recording footage, firefighters can make 3-D models of fire scenes.

The fire department mainly uses this technology for large building fires like the recent Hanley Building and two fires in vacant buildings on 7th St. in downtown Rockford. All three of those fires are still under investigation.

“You’re just collecting information/data that can be used at many different stages of the fire. Information can be used to keep people safer, firefighters safer,” says Hogan.

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3-Alarm brush fire in Pembroke Township, 2-20-17 (more)

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A drone hovered in the air Monday as about 100 firefighters from Kankakee, Iroquois, and Will counties battled a brush fire in Pembroke Township.

William Neumann, the director of communications for the Orland Park Fire Protection District, lived streamed video footage from his drone to other departments through his personal Facebook page. It helped them track the fire, protect structures and, above all else, assure nobody got injured.

It was the first time the Pembroke Fire Protection District, a small department of nine volunteers, had an aerial view to assist them. Chief Mark Baines already has talked to village trustees about purchasing one, considering the department battles more than 100 brush fires per year and had a truck damaged in a brush fire last year.

“We were able to see exactly where the fire was going,” Baines said. “Our four guys who were out there felt safer and more confident knowing a drone was watching out for them. I’m all for getting one. They are beneficial.”

Orland Park’s department has three drones, and Neumann, who has his certificate of authorization, is training the department’s battalion chiefs. He said a drone typically costs between $1,000 and $6,000.

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3-Alarm brush fire in Pembroke Township, 2-20-17

This from Eric Haak:

The Pembroke Fire Protection District had a 3rd Alarm Interdivisional Brush Box on Monday (2/20). This came in just around 1030 hrs and lasted well into the afternoon. The area effected was about 1 square mile of overgrowth and woodlands between 5000 and 6000 south roads east of Illinois 56. There were several structures that were in jeopardy. The 3rd image shows the arrival of the Interdivisional convoy. The 4th image shows the MABAS 19 drone being used to assess the progress from the air. This is just an example of how this new technology can be used and it was highly effective at this incident due to the hilly nature of the terrain. For those who are not from the area, Pembroke is a township southeast of Kankakee, Illinois. It is a rural area where many of the residents live in dilapidated structures and mobile homes. These brush fires are common in this area because there is no garbage pick-up and residents routinely burn their trash. The images with fire showing are of the back-burning that was done along the South side of East 5000 Road.

back burning during brush fire

Eric Haak photo

fire chief at fire scene

Eric Haak photo

fire trucks staged at fire scene

Eric Haak photo

drone used at fire scene

Eric Haak photo

brush fire

Eric Haak photo

Peotone FPD Engine 14

Eric Haak photo

Kankakee Township FPD fire engine

Eric Haak photo

Momence FPD tanker

Eric Haak photo

St Anne FPD tanker

Eric Haak photo

Pembroke FPD

Eric Haak photo

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