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New engine for Otto Township

This from Brad S.

While checking Facebook, I came across a post on Otto Township’s page. They just took delivery of a new engine and it will be placed in service in the upcoming weeks.

-Brad. S

From the Otto Township FPD Facebook page:

Engine 36 – 2014 Ford F-750/Alexis Fire -Station #2

1000 GPM Pump – 750 Gallons Tank

Today we took delivery of Engine 36 from Alexis Fire Apparatus. This 2014 F-750 will be replacing a 1976 Ford F880. Some work still needs to be done such as Letter/Decals, tool mounting and training before it is placed in service.

Ford F750 fire engine

New engine by Alexis for the Otto Township FPD. Otto Township FPD photo

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Otto Township FPD added to the site

Otto Township FPD patchThe Otto Township FPD in MABAS Division 7 has been added to the site. They cover 44 square miles in Kankakee County with a staff of 25 paid-on-call personnel. They have three engines, two tenders, and a brush unit running out of two stations.





Otto Township FPD Station 1

Otto Township FPD Station 1. Karl Klotz photo

Otto Township FPD fire engine fire department water tender

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The color of fire trucks (part 9) Division 7

This next installment (our 9th) in our series highlighting The Color of Fire Trucks, comes again from Bill Friedrich and looks at MABAS Division 7. This MABAS division covers Kankakee County and part of Iroquois County.

Essex Fire Protection District

Essex ran Squad 1974, a 1974 Dodge Power wagon that was modified by the department. Bill Friedrich archives

This was the only white vehicle in the Essex FD fleet.
Kankakee Fire Department Mack CF Pirsch ladder

The City of Kankakee had two units on CF Mack chassis that were white over lime-green. One was this 1983 Mack CF600 with a 100′ Pirsch aerial ladder, a 1,250-GPM pump and 200 gallons of water. This was Ladder 6. Bill Friedrich archives

In Kankakee, this was one of two lime-green Macks in the fleet, both of which had white roofs. The other was a Mack-CF engine. Both are now gone from the roster.
Kankakee Township Fire Department

The Kankakee Township FPD had this 1975 IHC Cargostar 1910 with an Alexis body, 1,000-GPM pump and 500 gallons of water. It ran as Engine 84. Bill Friedrich archives

The Kankakee Township FD was all lime-green at one time. All subsequent vehicles are painted red.
Pembroke Fire Protection District

Pembroke FPD Engine 139 was a 1972 IHC Loadstar 1800 built by Central with a 500-GPM pump and 500 gallons of water. Bill Friedrich archives

The Pembroke FPD had a few lime green rigs. Now they are all red.
Otto Township Fire Protection District

Otto Township Engine 38 was this 1986 IHC S1900/Luverne with a 750-GPM pump and 500 gallons of water. Bill Friedrich archives

The Otto Township FPD had lime green at one point. Now they too area all red.
Papineau Fire Protection District

This X-Glenside FPD engine is now running as Engine 1533 for the Papineau FPD. It is a 1981 Pierce Arrow with 750 gallons of water and a 1,250-GPM pump. Bill Friedrich photo

This is the only yellow rig in the Papineau FPD fleet. It was purchased last year from the Glenside FPD in MABAS Division 12.
Bourbonnais Fire Protection District

Bourbonnais Engine 63 was a 1976 was built by Howe on a Hendrickson 1871 with 800 gallons of water and a 1,000-GPM pump. Bill Friedrich archives

The Bourbonnais FPD  had a few yellow rigs. All the others were red.
Grant Park Fire Protection District

Engine 112 for the Grant park FPD was this 1963 IHC/Central with 1,000 gallons of water and a 1,000-GPM pump. Bill Friedrich archives

This was the only lime-green rig in the Grant Park Fire District fleet. Everything else has always been red.
Chebanse Township Fire Protection District tanker

Chebanse Township FPD Tanker 2871 was a 1994/2001 Peterbilt 379 built by Midstate Tank. It carried 3,000 gallons of water with no pump. Bill Friedrich photo

The Chebanse Township FPD, in Clifton, had two white rigs, all the rest are red.
Salina Township Fire Protection District

Salina Township FPD ran Tanker 164 which was built on a 1985 GMC F-7000 chassis by Midstate Tank. There was no pump alongside the 2,000-gallon tank. Bill Friedrich archives

Salina Township still has this white rig.  At one point they had a white brush truck. Everything else is red.
St. Anne Fire Department

Rescue 10 saw service with the St. Anne Fire Department. It was a 1967 Chevy Step Van. Bill Friedrich archive

St.Anne FD had the blue rescue truck. This was repainted white/red. Everything else has always been red.

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New area orders from Alexis

Bill Friedrich has submitted a list of area departments that have apparatus currently being built by Alexis.

  • Otto Township FPD @ Chebanse – 2012  IHC 7500 1,000-GPM 3,000-gallon tanker
  • St.Anne FPD – 2012  IHC 7400 500-GPM 2,000-gallon tanker
  • Algonquin Lake in the Hills FPD – 2012 Ford F-550  200-GPM 150-GWT  skid unit brush unit
  • Sycamore FD – 2012 Ford F-550  300-GPM 250-GWT  skid unit brush unit

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