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Small plane lands on I-355 in New Lenox 5-13-21

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Part of I-355 was closed after a plane landed on the Tollway near New Lenox Thursday morning.

Illinois State Police responded after a small white Beechcraft aircraft made an emergency landing in the southbound lanes of I-355 due to unknown mechanical issues.

Four people were on board the plane at the time of the emergency landing including the pilot and three young women, ages 15, 20, and 21, all from Wilmington, Illinois. Three of the four people are being treated for back injuries and undergoing other medial checks at Silver Cross Hospital.

small plane on the interstate highway

Larry Shapiro photo

From ISP District 15 on Twitter:

Small plane lands on I355 SB near Route 6 in New Lenox, IL 5/13/21

From ISP District 15

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New engine for New Lenox

From the New Lenox Fire District Facebook page:

new fire engine dedicated for the New Lenox FPD

New Lenox FPD photo

On the afternoon of December 15th, officials blessed a new fire engine that will be going into service for the New Lenox Fire Protection District (NLFPD).

Fire Chief Adam Riegel, Deputy Chief Dan Turner, Chaplain Bill Ciston, and members of the NLFPD took part in the blessing of the new engine on Tuesday afternoon. It is part of a fire service tradition that dates to the days of horse-drawn engines. The new apparatus is blessed, then welcomed by pushing it into its new quarters at the fire station.

According to Chief Riegel, “The push-in ritual can be traced back to the late 1800’s when it was a challenge to get horses to push equipment backwards. As a result, firefighters moved the equipment into storage areas by hand.”

The new fire engine is a 2020 Pierce Saber with a 1500 gallon-per-minute pump and a 750-gallon water tank. It is an Advanced Life Support (ALS) equipped engine, which gives it the same capabilities as an ambulance apart from transport. It is replacing a 2004 Pierce Dash, which will now be used a reserve engine.

“We are very thankful to our community,” said Deputy Chief Turner. “Thanks to our residents we were able to purchase the new engine which will provide more reliability to our fleet and less maintenance costs for the district.”

The primary mission of the New Lenox Fire and Ambulance Protection District is to provide a range of programs designed to protect the lives and property within New Lenox Village and Township from the effects for fires and sudden medical emergencies or exposure to dangerous conditions created by man or nature with professional, compassionate, and quality service.



thanks Danny

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New home for New Lenox Snorkel

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No matter where it is, this old snorkel fire truck is always a big attraction. The U.S. truck drove numerous missions for the New Lenox Fire Protection District, southwest of Chicago, for 45 years.

US Snorkel is part of collection in Germany

Haix USA photo

In 2016, former HAIX® CEO Ewald Haimerl purchased the New Lenox Snorkel and it had quite the journey from the U.S. to Germany. First, the it traveled 1200 miles from Illinois to the Port of Charleston, South Carolina. Due to its size and low gas mileage, the 31-gallon engine had to make multiple stops for fuel during the trip through the Appalachian Mountains. There were also several police checks along the way and not just because it was traveling slower than normal traffic, but also because of the sheer magnitude of the truck. Once it reached Charleston, the truck was transported by ship across the Atlantic to Bremerhaven, Germany where it was stuck in customs for a week before it made the 7-hour trek to its final home at the HAIX® headquarters in Mainburg. Extensive restoration work was done on the vehicle to make it fully functional today.

The most eye-catching model in his collection is a GMC pumper, built in 1942, and originally commissioned on a U.S. airbase in Sweden. The vehicle is the oldest in the HAIX® Oldtimer Fleet. The pumper was in use on a U.S. Air Base in the north of Sweden for over 30 years. After a long break at a used car dealer, HAIX® breathed new life into this convertible truck. With the top open, it is the star of photo shoots at trade shows and other HAIX® events.

The Ford TK, which was built in 1949, has been part of the HAIX Oldtimer Fleet since the end of 2018. Before that, it was used as a promotional vehicle for an insurance company in Georgia. However, most of the passengers are carried by the Opel Blitz, built in 1965. There is space for eleven people in the small light fire engine LLF, including the driver.

In addition to the four fire engines, the HAIX old-timer fleet also includes two police vehicles which are considered “Young Timers” due to when they were manufactured. These include a Chevrolet Impala 300 SS police car from 1995 and a 1993 Harley Davidson police motorcycle, which also had an impressive journey to Germany.

Officers from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) originally took possession of the Chevrolet and initially used it as a backup patrol car before it was taken out of service. It was then chauffeured to the Swiss honorary consul in Zurich. Later, it came to the U.S. consulate in Munich under private ownership, until it finally found its way to HAIX® in Mainburg. The comfort of the old vehicle and the sirens are always a big hit at area events.

HAIX® continues to preserve the history of vintage and classic fire trucks and police vehicles and hopes to add to this fleet in the future!

Former New Lenox FPD Snorkel


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New engine for New Lenox

From the Pierce Flickr page:

Pierce, New Lenox, 33254-1

Pierce Enforcer fire engine

Pierce composite

thanks Ron

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New ambulance for New Lenox FPD


Reference #: 4609
Model: Superliner Type I
Dealer: Jefferson Fire & Safety
Module Size: 171″
Headroom: 72″
Chassis Make: F-Series
Chassis Type: F550
Wheel: 4WD
Air Ride: Liquid Spring
new ambulance interior

Life Line Emergency Vehicle photo

Life Line Type I ambulance

Life Line Emergency Vehicle photo

Life Line Type I ambulance

Life Line Emergency Vehicle photo

thanks Martin

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New Lenox FPD ambulances

This from Martin Nowak:

Took these photos of the New Lenox FPD ambulances a few months back. There is a new Ambulance. 
fire department ambulance

Martin Nowak photo

fire department ambulance

Martin Nowak photo

fire department ambulance

Martin Nowak photo

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Commercial fire in Joliet, 8-3-19

The New Lenox FPD is at the scene of a commercial fire at Box Alarm Warehouse Fire 20266 Amhurst Ct. in Joliet.

massive smoke from commercial fire

Mike Illarde photo has a video on Facebook

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New Lenox Fire Protection District news

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The New Lenox Fire Protection District was able to buy new radios with a $144,208 grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The district’s current portable radios are 10 to 12 years old.

The new Motorola dual band radios will ensure all NLFPD firefighters will be using the same type of radio. The new radios have larger buttons, which are easier for firefighters to use with a gloved hand and have the most up-to-date safety features. They also will increase the NLFPD’s ability to communicate with law enforcement agencies and other public safety agencies locally and nationally.

The radios also will allow the NLFPD to adapt to an 800 mHz radio system in the future without added costs related to buying or infrastructure.

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New Lenox Fire Protection District news

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On September 17th, the New Lenox Fire Protection District (NLFPD) held a swearing in ceremony during their Board of Trustees meeting to promote a lieutenant and a battalion chief. The new battalion chief is Michael Parkhurst; he has been in the fire service for 17 years, eight of those with the NLFPD. Currently, he also serves the district as the training officer, pre-plans coordinator, equipment testing coordinator, fire/arson investigator, Black CART Team member, and Southwest Hazardous Materials Response Team Technician. Battalion Chief Parkhurst will oversee all day-to-day operations for the district’s four fire stations on gold shift.

The new lieutenant is Zach Cook. He has been in the fire service for 8 years, over half of those with the New Lenox Fire Protection District. He has been an active member with the district and served as co-chair for the MDA Fill the Boot Drive. He most recently was the engineer for Truck 61 on red shift. Lieutenant Cook will remain on red shift and be in charge of the firefighter/paramedics at Station 3. 

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New Lenox FPD news

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A 49-year-old New Lenox woman was injured Thursday morning after she crashed into an ambulance that was returning from a training program about 11:50 a.m. Thursday near Route 30 and Nelson Road in New Lenox.

Christine Diver was driving west on Route 30 when she tried to turn left and crashed into the New Lenox Fire Protection District’s ambulance, causing a three-car collision. She was taken to the hospital where she was treated for injuries that were not life-threatening. No firefighters or other passengers were injured in the crash.

Diver was charged with driving an uninsured vehicle, failing to yield, and driving with a suspended license.

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