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Post Office named in memory of Fallen CFD Captain Herbie Johnson

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The Mount Greenwood post office was renamed Sunday the “Captain Herbert Johnson Memorial Post Office,” in honor of a beloved fallen Chicago firefighter. Herbie Johnson was an Illinois Medal of Honor winner for rescuing several children from a burning building, and was well known and well liked in the department and in his South Side community. Johnson comes from a big family of fire fighters and police officers.

Humor was a big part of Johnson’s life and no one, including his wife, was afraid to use it Sunday for this dedication ceremony. Known for his larger than life personality and smile, the 32-year Chicago Fire Department veteran was killed while battling a blaze three years ago. Commissioner Jose Santiago had known Johnson well since 1980.

“A tremendous honor, nobody gets a post office named after them, especially for an ordinary guy like Herbie,” Susan Johnson said.

Susan Johnson says while so many people gave her support three years ago, she is doing the same for Dan Capuano’s family. Johnson met with Capuano’s wife, Julie. Johnson says the hardest part is months down the road when everything settles down and everyone goes away.

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Post Office to be named in memory of Fallen CFD Captain Herbie Johnson


Captain Herbert Johnson Post Office Dedication

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Post Office to be named in memory of Fallen CFD Captain Herbie Johnson

The Chicago Tribune has an article about the status of a measure to rename a post office in memory of CFD Captain Herbie Johnson:

Congressman Dan Lipinski (IL-3) has announced that the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has approved the Herbie Johnson Post Office bill, HR 3085. The bill would rename the post office in Chicago’s Mount Greenwood community after longtime Chicago Fire Captain Herbert “Herbie” Johnson. The 54-year-old died two years ago while fighting a house fire on the city’s South Side.

“Captain Johnson heroically served area residents for over 32 years, paying the ultimate price protecting the neighborhoods he loved,” Rep. Lipinski said. “This bill not only honors him, but all first responders who bravely put their lives on the line every day for people they don’t even know. This bill insures that Johnson, his family and the sacrifices of all first responders will not be forgotten by future generations.”
Over the years, Johnson taught over one thousand recruits as an instructor at the Robert J. Quinn Fire Academy. After the terrorist attacks on 9-11, he volunteered with the rescue efforts in New York City. In 2007, he received the state’s highest award for firefighters, the Illinois Medal of Honor, for rescuing several children from a burning apartment.

Congressman Lipinski’s bill would designate the Mount Greenwood Post Office, at 3349 West 111th Street in Chicago, the “Captain Herbert Johnson Memorial Post Office Building.”

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