Excerpts from ABC7Chicago.com:

The Mount Greenwood post office was renamed Sunday the “Captain Herbert Johnson Memorial Post Office,” in honor of a beloved fallen Chicago firefighter. Herbie Johnson was an Illinois Medal of Honor winner for rescuing several children from a burning building, and was well known and well liked in the department and in his South Side community. Johnson comes from a big family of fire fighters and police officers.

Humor was a big part of Johnson’s life and no one, including his wife, was afraid to use it Sunday for this dedication ceremony. Known for his larger than life personality and smile, the 32-year Chicago Fire Department veteran was killed while battling a blaze three years ago. Commissioner Jose Santiago had known Johnson well since 1980.

“A tremendous honor, nobody gets a post office named after them, especially for an ordinary guy like Herbie,” Susan Johnson said.

Susan Johnson says while so many people gave her support three years ago, she is doing the same for Dan Capuano’s family. Johnson met with Capuano’s wife, Julie. Johnson says the hardest part is months down the road when everything settles down and everyone goes away.