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Gary firefighters raising money for equipment

The NorthwestIndianaTimes has an article about steps being taken by Gary firefighters to raise money.

Earlier this month, Gary firefighters rallied at city hall seeking pay raises and better equipment. Now some firefighters are taking the matter into their own hands by raising money selling T-shirts and hoodies online.

Gary Firefighters Association Local 359 is hoping to raise money on to replace what it says is outdated equipment and to repair its union hall.

According to the online page where the shirts are being sold, the department has fire stations with asbestos, mold and no heat or air conditioning. [… and that] the firefighters are “living in the stone age” and can’t keep up with new technology. “We are so far behind,” it says.

Gary Firefighters Kenji Patton and Shawn Hendron said they got the idea for the fundraising campaign from something similar the Detroit Fire Department did to raise money.

… firefighters are offering a Gary firefighter T-shirt for $18 and a hoodie sweatshirt for $43. Patton said funds from the sale will be transferred to the union.

On Sept. 16, the fire department joined the Gary Police Department at City Hall in the rally for better conditions and pay.

Michael Collins, Gary firefighter and Local 359 vice president, said at the rally that the department hasn’t had a contract in seven years and a raise in nine years. He also said station conditions “are deplorable” and firefighters are operating with “less and less equipment.”

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New blog online to showcase fire scene photos (update)

If you enjoy viewing photos of fire scenes and you haven’t been checking out the new FireScenes.Net blog that went live one month ago, you’re missing some very interesting posts. But, for Chicago area enthusiasts, there’s a special treat – several ‘never before seen’ images submitted by Eric Haak from Chicago, Harvey, Alsip, and Dolton to name a few. Prior to his submissions to, Eric did not have a means to share his fire scene photos, and he is generously culling through his archives and posting them to FireScenes.Net.

In addition, several other contributors to who frequent the fire action in Detroit are also finding this as a new venue to share images which some of our readers have enquired about in the past. Since this site features Illinois and ‘just over the border’ fires in Wisconsin and Indiana, it’s not really the place for Detroit stuff, so these images are beginning to find their way to the new blog.

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Burn movie about the Detroit FD

This from Bill Post:

A  friend of mine sent me a link to this movie website for the movie “Burn”. It is only playing thru Thursday at the AMC Loews Theater at 600 N Michigan. The show times are 1:30pm,3:45,6:00pm,8:15pm and 10:30pm.

Here is the link.

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Schiller Park fire scene

Steve Redick submitted several images from a fire in Schiller Park which occurred at 25th and Lawrence during the last week of October.

Schiller Park Fire Pierce Impel

Schiller Park's newest engine is this Pierce Impel unit that was built in 2007. Steve Redick photo

Schiller Park Fire Pierce tower ladder

Schiller Park's Pierce tower ladder is at work in sector one. Steve Redick photo

Schiller Park Fire Franklin Park Seagrave truck

Franklin Park's Seagrave truck was also in sector one. This truck was designed with a booster reel and a 300-gallon booster tank, similar to the design of trucks for the Detroit Fire Department. Steve Redick photo

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