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Double fatal fire in Chicago, 2-28-21 (more)

This from Eric Haak:

Here are some images from a double fatal still & box back on February 28th at 8642 S. Hermitage. The fire was well advanced before the first companies landed on the scene but an aggressive interior attack and search efforts were initiated despite those conditions. Sadly, two victims were located during the primary search. Both were transported and pronounced at local hospitals.

double fatal arson fire in Chicago

Eric Haak photo

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Fatal fire in Chicago, 4-9-21

Excerpts from

Benita Frieson, 73 years old, died after a fire near 49th Street and South Vincennes in Bronzeville on Friday night. Chicago firefighters responded about 10:30 p.m. to  the blaze. 

This was one of two fatal fires this past weekend in Chicago.

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Fatal fire in Chicago, 4-10-21

From CFD Media on Twitter:

Still and box. 9400 Halsted. Two story brick. One victim so far.

Still and box 9400 Halsted. One adult female to Christ. Serious. One adult male unaccounted for.

Still and box fire 9400 Halsted now struck out. Companies will renter building with hand lines to complete searches and catch hot spots. Roof is in

Still and Box on Halsted will be a fatal fire. One occupant non ambulatory was trapped inside. Flames too intense to make rescue. Adult male.

CFD teams will return to 9400 Halsted at 10am to distribute smoke alarms in the area. No alarms were heard in the building as crews entered.

scene of a fatal fire in Chicago

CFD Media photo

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Fatal fire in Chicago, 3-28-21

Excerpts from

A dead body was found in a burning apartment building Sunday morning 2652 West Monroe Street, around 9:30 a.m.. A Chicago firefighter was taken to a nearby hospital and treated for shortness of breath, and one resident suffered from smoke inhalation.

Investigators are unclear about how the person died. However, fire officials asked Chicago police to assist with what is now being called a death investigation. No further details have been released. The cause of the blaze remains under investigation, and authorities have not released the name of the victim.


Double fatal fire in Chicago, 2-28-21 (more)

Excerpts from

63-year-old Reginald Brown was held without bail during a court hearing Thursday, one day after he was charged with two counts of first-degree murder and one count of arson for allegedly starting the fire that killed Ieashia Ford, 34, and her daughter Porche Ford, 10, in their home in the 8600 block of South Hermitage Avenue.

“There are multiple witnesses to the defendant’s multiple threats to burn the house down, all because he thought (Ieashia Ford) took his wallet and his cellphone,” Assistant State’s Attorney James Murphy said during the hearing. “Because of that, two people were killed, including a 10-year-old girl who does not get to grow up.”

According to prosecutors, Brown and Ieashia Ford, who were in a relationship, were hanging out at Brown’s home on Feb. 27 when he grabbed Ford and accused her of taking his phone and wallet. She and another man left that scene, but Brown allegedly followed them to Ford’s home where he repeatedly threatened to burn the house down in front of a group of onlookers.

Brown called Ieashia Ford a short time later and again threatened to burn her house down, Murphy said during the hearing Thursday. That call was overheard not only by people at Ford’s home, but also Brown’s roommate, who told investigators that Brown had told him he’d filled a bleach bottle with gasoline, and shortly before he went to sleep that night, he overheard Brown muttering to himself “they should be by now.”

Early the next morning, a man prosecutors believe to be Brown was seen on surveillance footage walking near Ford’s home and carrying a bag. That person then took something out of the bag, walked toward Ford’s home, and soon after, the orange glow of the fire could be seen coming from the house. The fire was started around 4 a.m. and engulfed the home within minutes. One resident happened to be awake at the time and saw smoke coming from the porch area. He woke two other residents and got them outside before attempting to put out the flames. He re-entered the home and tried to locate Ford and her daughter, but was unable to do so. Both Ieashia Ford and Porche Ford died of smoke inhalation.

The resident who attempted to save the Fords suffered third-degree burns and is expected to recover.

One of the surviving victims and Brown’s roommate both positively identified the man in the surveillance footage as Brown, and investigators recovered a bleach bottle filled with gasoline in a nearby dumpster.

Brown is due back in court for a hearing March 31.

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Fatal fire in Des Plaines, 1-27-21 (more)

Excerpts from

A fire in Des Plaines that killed four children and their mother in January likely started at least seven minutes before anyone called 911. Firefighters were challenged by a rapidly evolving scene that included more victims than initially expected and fire blocking the only stairwell to the family’s apartment, according to a 43-page report released Tuesday by the Des Plaines Fire Department that provides a timeline and video of the city’s response to the blaze at 714 W. Oakton St.

The cause of the Jan. 27 fire remains undetermined, but the report said the blaze began at the top of the only stairwell leading to the second-floor apartment where the family was found. A space heater and extension cord were found in the area. The apartment had a second exit — a small balcony — but it didn’t have stairs to the ground level, the report states.

According to a timeline of events, surveillance video shows a bright flash of light in the second-floor window at 10:03 a.m., indicting a possible fire. It wasn’t until 10:10 a.m. that a 911 call was received, and it took another two minutes until the caller could provide an address.

A Des Plaines police officer was the first to arrive, at 10:16 a.m., and survey the building and help remove two people safely from the building. An ambulance arrived at 10:17 a.m., and the first fire engine arrived at 10:19 a.m.

Firefighters, hearing that two children may be trapped on the second floor, encountered significant smoke and fire, and knocked down flames with a hose, the report states. Within seconds, crews found the first victim in a bedroom and four others in another room.

The fatalities were Cythaly Zamodio, 25, and her daughters: Grace Espinosa, 1; Allizon V. Espinosa, 3; Genesis A. Espinosa, 5; and Renata P. Espinosa, 6. At the time, a neighbor said their father was work during the fire.

The report states that the department’s response to the fire satisfied standards set by the National Fire Protection Association and Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

“Firefighters made a valiant effort to give those trapped a chance to survive by locating them and removing them from the hazardous conditions,” the report states. “The efforts of all those involved are to be commended.”

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Double fatal fire in Chicago, 2-28-21

Excerpts from

A 10-year-old girl and her mother are dead after an early morning house fire in the 8600-block of South Hermitage in Gresham Sunday. Relatives identified the victims as Ieashia Ford and her 10-year-old daughter Porsche. The pair were sleeping when someone set the house on fire, according to the family.

Four others were also hospitalized in the aftermath, including the mother’s boyfriend and two cousins. All of them are expected to recover from their injuries as both the fire and police departments continue to investigate the cause of a fire that family members believe was anything but accidental. Chicago firefighters worked to save the six people inside, but only four made it out.

Mixed in with the shock, however, is concern that the fire may have been intentionally set, taking place hours after an argument between the mother and an acquaintance relatives said had been harassing her. “He was sending her text messages and threatening her,” said family member Felicia White. “That he was going to set her house on fire.”

While an arson unit was on the scene Sunday morning in the hours following the fire, investigators at this point, are refusing to elaborate and still call the incident a death and fire investigation.

From CFD Media on Twitter:

8624 s Hermitage. Working fire with 6 transports EMS plan 1. Two of the victims extremely critical to Little Company of Mary. All adults. No smoke detectors heard

aftermath of fatal fire in Chicago

CFD Media photo

Update: Sadly we update the EMS report from 8624 Hermitage. The critical transports to Little Company of Mary are now deceased. We do not have ages yet, one may be younger than first thought. (Langford)

Update: one of the victims from 8624 Hermitage is identified as a girl about 12 years old . The other victim is an adult.

Update:Hermitage fire. The 4 adults taken to Christ Medical center are expected to recover. The two patients taken to Little Company of Mary have died. Both are females one about 12 the other in her 30’s. No cause on the fire yet. OFI is on the scene.

fire investigator and dogs at fire scene

CFD Media photo

Fire safety team will work the area of 8624 Hermitage with detectors and information at 10 am today.

Crews passing out smoke detectors & safety information near the fatal fire on 86th and Hermitage. Please check the batteries on your smoke detectors because the extra time they provide in a fire is invaluable. (4-1-10)

Firefighters provide smoke detectors to residents

CFD Media photo

Special Agent Mitch Kushner, veteran Zoe, and new recruit GG from the State Fire Marshal’s Office are assisting the investigation of the fatal on 86th & Hermitage to determine cause and origin. (4-1-10)


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Fatal fire in Sycamore, 2-26-21

From Sycamore Fire Department@sycamoreilfire:

This is the Sycamore Fire Department Press Release for the structure fire 2/26/21

On Friday, February 26, 2021 at approximately 2143 hours, the Sycamore Fire Department was dispatched to 942 Arvle Circle for a reported structure fire. Upon arrival, the Fire Department found a four unit townhome complex with heavy smoke showing and an active fire in the 942 Arvle Circle 2nd story unit. As the first responding engine company was advancing a 1 ¾” handline into the interior of the structure, they encountered the occupant in the stairwell. The engine company crew along with local police officers were able to rescue the male occupant and remove him to the outside, where he was treated for his injuries and quickly transported to the hospital. A second engine company stretched a 1 ¾” handline to the rear of the structure to counter a rapidly advancing fire. Once the first engine crew passed the care of the patient to the ambulance crew, they completed stretching the 1 ¾” hand line up the stairwell and into the fire unit and were able to mount an aggressive interior fire attack which allowed the transition from a short-term exterior attack and the fire was quickly controlled. A primary and secondary search for any additional occupants was conducted in the affected units. After the fire was extinguished, the fire unit and adjoining units were ventilated from smoke, and salvage and overhaul operations were conducted.
The fire alarm went to the General Alarm level and assistance was received from several neighboring fire departments including DeKalb, Elburn, Cortland, Genoa-Kingston, Malta and Pingree Grove along with help from the Office of the State Fire Marshall.
The Sycamore Police Department, Dekalb County Sheriff’s Department, ComEd and Nicor also assisted at the scene.

The unit of the fire origin suffered significant heat, flame, and smoke damage. The adjoining unit suffered smoke and water damage. The damage is estimated at $300,000 to the structure $75,000 for contents in the townhomes. The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

One resident suffered significant burns and was initially transported to Kishwaukee Community Hospital and was then transferred to OSF St. Anthony Burn Center in Rockford. There were no injuries to firefighters.

thanks Art

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Fatal fire in Hazel Crest, 2-24-21

Excerpts from

Hazel Crest firefighters arrived about 4 a.m. Wednesday at a house fire in the 3400 block of Hickory Lane and found two people unconscious inside. The victims were pulled from the fire, while a third person had escaped on their own. They were all taken to hospitals, where a 44-year-old man, identified as Michael Burrage, was pronounced dead.

The Illinois State Fire Marshal was investigating the cause of the fire.

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Fatal fire in Des Plaines, 1-27-21 (more)

From the

5 die in Des Plaines house fire

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