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Glenview Fire Department news (more)

Excerpts from

A large crowd rallied outside Glenview Fire Station 13 Saturday in a last-ditch effort to keep it open. Neighbors said closing the fire station at 831 E. Lake Ave. in Glenview will jeopardize community safety. Firefighters and residents think they will have to wait longer when they pick up the phone to call 911 for a fire truck or an ambulance.

Glenview Village President Jim Patterson said a study found Fire Station 13 and its single engine are active about 30 minutes during a 24-hour shift – one of the slower stations in town. Firefighters there will be moved to other stations. That study also found that closing Station 13 comes with a savings of $1.25 million for the village. Patterson said he does not believe it will be that high.

The president of the Glenview Firefighters Association said the village has called for a special Board of Trustees meeting on Monday night to discuss the fate of the firehouse. If the closure is approved, it could happen as early as next month.

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New engine for the Ashkum Fire Department (more)

From Bill Schreiber:

Ashkum FPD Rosenbauer Warrior pumper update

Rosenbauer fire engine being built for the Ashkum Fire Department

Rosenbauer photo

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Working fire in Chicago, 3-7-21

This from Eric Haak:

Here are a few images from Sunday morning’s fire at 4942 S. Princeton in Chicago. The building was a total loss from the get-go.

two-story. house totally engulfed by fire at night

Eric Haak photo

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Car into a building in Chicago, 2-28-21

This from Steve Redick:

4500 block of N Austin in the wee hours of 2-28. These were taken the next day. I have not seen a car buried into the corner of a building like this before. Pretty amazing if you look closely. I am also amazed the CFD left the scene to what I guess would be a contractor to remove the wreckage. I would be worried about fire and collapse. I wasn’t there to see what preceded this so I am not in a position to really comment, but I thought these were worth a look.
SUV wedged into a house in Chicago

Steve Redick photo

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