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As seen around … Chicago

This from Chicagoland_fire_photos:

Truck 24 visit pre closer ambo 29 wasn’t there

single truck firehouse in Chicago


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Springfield Fire Department news

Excerpts from

While still dealing with a $1.4 million cut to their budget, the Springfield firefighter’s union is concerned over another issue: What happens if there are too many fires and not enough firefighters?

On Sunday night, three fires in under three hours occupied most of the Springfield Fire Department’s resources. Now, they say they are worried that if fewer people are on staff at one time because of these budget cuts, it will leave the city unprotected in situations like this.

Due to the minimum manning provision in the previous contract between the city and the fire union, 49 firefighters have to be on staff at all times. At any moment, there are 45 firefighters on staff who operate 15 companies, plus two safety personnel and two battalion chiefs. During one fire, six rigs go out.

So, on Sunday, when two fires were burning at the same time and one followed shortly thereafter, resources were spread thin.

But, with the fire budget being cut by $1.4 million, the union fears layoffs and changes to the minimum manning provision may be coming.

While the Springfield mayor and the city’s leadership have repeatedly said layoffs will not happen, the union says a change to the minimum manning would be a loophole and would hurt the city in situations like Sunday night.

The previous contract between the city and the union expired on Feb. 28.




Oak Brook Fire Department history

This from Mike Summa for #TBT:

For TBT- Oak Brook Fire Dept. #916.  Photo taken at a fire muster in Downers Grove in the early 1990’s.  And that is all I know.  If anyone can fill in the blanks, please do so.
Mike Summa
Oak Brook FD Engine 916, a custom Peter Pirsch pumper with a 50' Boardman Readi-Tower aerial

Mike Summa photo

And from our archives

Oak Brook FD Engine 912, a custom Peter Pirsch pumper with a 50' Boardman Readi-Tower aerial #larryshapiro

Custom Pirsch engine with 50′ Boardman Readi-Tower aerial. Larry Shapiro photo

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