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3-Alarm fire in Rockford, 9-2-20 (more)

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Edward Wash plead guilty to three counts of arson and will be sentenced on June 15. The 28-year-old man was found guilty of arson following three fires Sept. 2; one of those fires destroyed the former Metro Christian Centre Church.

The first fire happened at 6:24 p.m. at the church. At approximately 8 p.m., crews were dispatched to another structure fire at 313 7th St., and then at 8:09 p.m., the department responded to a dumpster fire at 125 South Madison St.

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As sen around … Chicago

This from @chicagoland_fire_photos on instagram:

Visit to Engine 75 before they closed ambo 5 was not there
single engine Chicago firehouse

chicagoland_fire_photos on instagram

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Stone Park Fire Department news

Good afternoon, 

My name is Maria Ramirez and am a resident of Stone Park.  Recently, we worked to get signatures to the following question on the ballot in an effort to get our fire department reinstated.  We are now at the beginning of early voting and still trying to gather funds to safely inform the residents to vote “YES”.  Please help us by posting our Go Fund Me link.  Any and all monetary donations are appreciated.  $5, $10 anything.  
Funds will go towards the purchase of signage and printed materials.  
Please also visit our website and watch the 70 years of service video.  
Thank you for taking the time to read this message.  
Very Respectfully, 
Maria Ramirez 
ballot initiative to reinstate the Stone Park Fire Department

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