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Peoria Fire Department news (more)

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An attempt to reverse the planned budget-related cuts of two Peoria Fire Department engines fell short Tuesday night, after the city council unanimously agreed to issue $4 million in working cash bonds to keep the Peoria Civic Center afloat.

A District 2 council member proposed increasing the city’s borrowing to $15 million as a way to save fire department engines 4 and 20, and 22 associated positions. That $15 million figure represented an additional $1 million beyond the $10 million proposed earlier this month and the $4 million for the Civic Center. The proposal contingent on the firefighters’ union agreeing to a $500,000 settlement of a pending unfair labor practices appeal.

After firefighters’ union president Ryan Brady said he would need seven days to hear from his members on the willingness to agree to a settlement, the legality of that contingency raised some question, with one suggesting it might be a quid pro quo. The council eventually consulted with the city attorney in a 30-minute executive session prior to the vote. But those who opposed the plan said the issue already had been decided.

Money to repay the $4 million, 10-year bond for the civic center will come from hotel, restaurant, and amusement tax dollars. The civic center does not have the authority to issue its own bonds.

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Zion Emergency Services and Disaster Agency (ESDA)

This from Asher Heimermann:

The Zion Emergency Services and Disaster Agency (ESDA) was originally founded as the Zion Civil Defense Agency. The name has changed but the goals have remained the same, to prepare the City of Zion and its residents to cope with any disaster or emergency that may arise. ESDA falls under the City of Zion Fire/Rescue Department with Fire Chief John Lewis functioning as the ESDA Coordinator.
Zion Civil Defense Agency

Asher Heimermann photo

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Working fire in Winthrop Harbor, 9-23-20

This from Jeff Rudolph:

Beach Park, Newport, Zion, and Pleasant Prairie,WI  assisted Winthrop Harbor for a large garage fire at 207 Oakdale Ave. Zion 1811 was first in and found smoke with no visible flames from a metal pole barn garage. Crews found fire in the rafters, but had some difficulty gaining entry due to heavy storage inside the garage. Command ungraded to the Working Still, bringing Great Lakes, and Gurnee to the scene.
Jeff Rudolph
collect signs on barn

Jeff Rudolph photo

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New home for Prospect Heights pumper/squad (more)

Former Prospect Heights FPD Squad 9 is now Jay VFD Squad 9 in the Town of Jay, Vermont

Former Prospect Heights FPD Squad 9

Richard Deuso photo

thanks Drew

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