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Peoria Fire Department news (more)

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One of the two shuttered fire houses in the city could come back online until March 2021 under a proposed agreement by the local firefighters union, but whether city hall, which took two engines offline as a way to save money during the pandemic, accepts the deal is unknown.

Peoria Firefighters Union Local 50, said the they would drop an unfair labor practice lawsuit and use the anticipated $500,000 judgment they had won to help replace one fire engine. The deal would also call for the addition of seven firefighter positions which could be staffed through overtime or the hiring of new employees. 

The two sides have been in a series of negotiations since April over how many fire trucks would remain in service. The negotiations kicked into high gear after the council voted in late August to cut the two engines and shutter Stations 4 and 20.

The estimated cost to staff a fire engine is about $1.1 million. The union’s decision to forego the $600,000 is about half that, or six months, which would push a final decision out to March. The deal, however, still has to get council approval, which could come at a special meeting since the budgetary cuts are supposed to take effect on Oct. 1.

It wasn’t clear which engine would come back as part of this deal. Station 4 was to close on Oct. 1, while Station 20 was to close at some time yet to be determined. The union had been bargaining with the city for weeks to save jobs and keep fire houses open. The elimination of a fire truck often results in the closure of a house.

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2-11 Alarm fire in Chicago, 9-26-20

From CFD media on Twitter:

S&B @ 0047, 211 @ 0119 4712 -14 W Chicago 1 story auto body shop 100 X 150 partial Bow truss roof. 211 struck out @ 0158. No injuries no transports at present. Fire is out companies doing salvage and overhaul

Update 4712 -14 W Chicago. Companies picking up at present no injuries no transports. Companies returning in service.

2-11 Alarm fire in Chicago

CFD Media photo

2-11 Alarm fire in Chicago

CFD Media photo

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New Engine for Prospect Heights (more)

Updated production photos of the new engine for Prospect Heights

stainless steel fire engine being built

Alexis Fire photo

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