Excerpts from centralillinoisproud.com:

The Peoria Fire Department is losing 22 firefighter positions. Thursday, councilman Denis Cyr explained why he voted yes on the proposal to decommission two engine companies, after voting no the previous week.

He chose the best option for his constituents who consistently tell him they are tired of paying higher taxes and fees. His goal is to be fiscally responsible, but in order to keep the taxes, services needed to be cut. He was in favor of closing two engine companies. He did not want to close the company in his district, but left it up to Peoria Fire Chief Tony Ardis who said it will be Engine 4 and Engine 20.

Cyr said he has been getting a lot of heat from the community, but he cannot please everyone. He adds he has also received good feedback from people who are against higher taxes.

From Peoria Firefighters Local 50 Facebook page:

It is clear what the priorities of the City Council are. Its never been so starkly clear. 6 positions in 2016. 18 positions in 2019. 22 positions as of tonight. 46 positions in 4 years. https://www.pjstar.com/…/council-cuts-two-peoria-fire-engin…

Last night, six members of the Peoria City Council voted to reduce the Peoria Fire Department by permanently closing two fire engines and eliminating 22 firefighter positions. Fortunately or unfortunately, Peoria Firefighter/Paramedics are already working short staffed so the number of actual layoffs could be as few as 8. These dedicated men and women have not only faced the COVID 19 Pandemic head on, but also the dangers associated with being a firefighter. Please take a look below as they are mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, coaches, mentors, City of Peoria residents, and there to help in your time of need!! Oh, and one of them is currently overseas defending our country on active duty in the military! This is irresponsible and slap in the face to them as they have called Peoria home!!

Accompanying the closures of Station 20 on Wilhelm Road and Station 4 on SW Jefferson, 22 positions and 8 layoffs are acceptable by a majority of the City Council. The Council continues to brutalize the Firefighters. #EssentialNotEssential

City leaders have said time and time again that “fires are only three percent” of what we respond to in a calendar year. For the third time in just as many days, Peoria Fire Department resources are stretched thin again leaving large holes across the city for limited response coverage due to a fire and a vehicle rollover. Imagine for a moment in less than thirty days, our city will have two less fire engines and twenty two less firefighters. This is reckless and irresponsible!!! Please voice your opinion to help overturn this dangerous situation! #Local50#ThereWhenYouNeedUsMost

ACT FRIDAY: Every standard ever written is usually written because of a tragedy or a loss. Why policy makers can’t understand that or choose to ignore it is completely baffling. You cannot cut or reduce Public Safety without affecting the public’s safety because it doesn’t fit your story, narrative or position. The standard is clear and Peoria is substandard throughout the city. If you don’t have a standard emergency travel time of 4 minutes to where you and your loved ones live and sleep, you should be asking why that is acceptable. And if you are soon to have your substandard response time tanked further, you should be asking why that is acceptable. And if you don’t know if you do or not, your District, At-Large and Mayoral representatives should be able to inform you. They have b