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Kankakee Fire Department news

Excerpts from the

The interim chief of the Kankakee Fire Department submitted his letter of resignation, effective midnight Sunday.

Interim Chief Phil Perkins, a member of the department since March 1994, turned in his letter to outgoing Mayor Nina Epstein, meaning the department has seen its longtime chief, Ron Young, as well as its interim chief, retire from the department within the past five months.

With Perkins’ retirement, the department has 47 sworn firefighters. The incoming Mayor Chasity Wells-Armstrong must replace him.

Young, the 12-year chief and the city’s third-longest serving chief, retired at the end of November. He had been a member of the force since February 1984.

Perkins was immediately tapped to serve as his replacement on an interim basis.

The city entered into a contract in February with the Illinois Fire Chief Association to conduct a search for the new chief. It was anticipated a new chief likely would have been in place June 1, but with the change in city leadership, the process obviously has been slowed.

Wells-Armstrong said last week she planned to use professional associations to not only help find a fire chief, but a police chief, as well. Police Chief Larry Regnier retired in April.

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Car into the building in Arlington Heights, 5-2-17

This from Larry Shapiro:

Arlington Heights and Buffalo Grove firefighters were dispatched to a car into the house in the 3100 block of N. Walker Lane East this afternoon (5/2/17). It appears that the incident occurred when an elderly driver was parking in the garage.

elderly driver crashes car through garage of a house

Larry Shapiro

Arlington Heights FD Engine 4 Pierce Quantum

Larry Shapiro photo

elderly driver crashes car through garage of a house

Larry Shapiro photo

Arlington Heights FD Engine 4 Pierce Quantum

Larry Shapiro photo

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Merrionette Park Fire Department news

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More than a dozen firefighters in the tiny suburb of Merrionette Park have resigned, or were not re-appointed, leaving the department at less than half-strength, but the fire chief said the department is not missing a beat.

Merrionette Park is less than a half-square-mile in area, and is served by a fire department whose firefighters are paid only when they’re called to duty. Merrionette Park firefighters are appointed on an annual basis to their paid on-call jobs.

Tony Calzaretta, vice president of the Merrionette Park Firefighters Association, said he and 13 other firefighters resigned after Fire Chief Tom Wendt replaced three longtime high-ranking officers – a deputy chief, a captain, and a lieutenant.

Wendt took over as head of the department after longtime Chief Len Edling retired at the end of April. He said the firefighters who resigned were not showing up for most calls anyway. He plans to appoint 10 new firefighters at the next village board meeting on May 17. In addition, starting next month, two firefighters will be stationed at the firehouse 24 hours a day.

Calzaretta said the new firefighters won’t have the knowledge or experience of those they will replace.

“What is going to happen is more of the experience that knows the town, that knows the rigs, that knows all this experience and knowledge is going to leave, and he’s going to replace it with outsiders and young people that have never worked in the fire service,” he said.

From the Merrionette Park Fire Fighters Association Facebook page:

The Merrionette Park Fire Fighters Association would like to take a moment to recognize the 17 (yes, seventeen) members that were not re-appointed by the village, or have resigned from service with the Department this week. These members have proven to be the backbone of the MPFD, with literally tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of combined hours serving this village. Whether it be answering the calls for Fires / EMS / Haz-Mat on a daily basis, or it be doing charity work throughout the area, or be it the countless hours of continuing training, or be it the countless hours of completely non-compensated time spent volunteering at the firehouse to provide some kind of coverage for the town, these members remained tried and true to the Merrionette Park Fire Department, truly giving it their all. Words cannot express the bond between these men and women. What they have gone through over the years is truly unbelievable. If you ask any firemen in the surrounding area what they think of where the MPFD was 10 years ago, to where it is now, I’m sure they’ll tell you its nothing short of amazing. These very men and women are the direct reason for that. We invite you to scroll some of these selected photos in this album from our facebook page to show you just a glimmer in the life’s of these members over the past several years. This is just the very tip of the iceberg of a combined 120 years of service spent together that will be leaving this village as of May 1, 2017. Listed below are the members and their years of service:

Katie Quinn Schneider- Dept. Secretary- 19 years of service (not reappointed)
Deputy Chief/EMT Pat Carter- 17 years of service (not reappointed)
Captain/Paramedic Tom Ziolkowski- 15 years of service (not reappointed)
Lt./EMT Jim Carter- 8 years of service(not reappointed)
Lt./Paramedic Tony Calzaretta – 7 years of service (resigned)
EMS Coordinator Shannon Ziolkowski- 8 years of service (resigned)
Engineer/Paramedic Kyle LaPorta- 6 years of service (resigned)
Engineer/Paramedic Joe LaPorta- 5 years of service (resigned)
FF/EMT Rick Whitlock- 6 years of service (resigned)
FF/Paramedic Mike Haas-6 years of service (resigned)
FF/Paramedic Jeff Goworowski- 4 years of service (resigned)
FF/Paramedic Scott Staal- 4 years of service (resigned)
FF/Paramedic Connor Hughes- 3 years of service (resigned)
FF/Paramedic Sean O’Connell-2 years of service (resigned)
FF/EMT Sean Devane- >1 year of service (resigned)
FF/EMT Mose Demasi- >1 year of service (resigned)
FF/EMT Chris Ibrahim>1 year of service (resigned)
*Lt. /Paramedic Joe Guarascio would make 18, as he has decided he will not be returning from his leave of absence- (7 years of service)

thanks Josh

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Tinley Park Fire Department news

This from Kevin Griffin:

The Tinley Park Fire Department has changed to the new Mabas 24 numbering system. The chiefs are 4600-4605. Station 1 is 46 station 2 is 47 station 3 is 48 and station 4 is 49.

Tinley Park FD Trucl 24

Kevin Griffin photo

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