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Police officers and firefighters train with horses

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Barrington Police Department officer Brian Hansen found himself learning to halter a chestnut mare and how to blindfold her in case of a barn fire. It was all part of a horse safety and rescue clinic hosted by the Hooved Animal Rescue & Protection Society and the Riding Club of Barrington Hills.

More than 40 officers turned out for sessions held in a private Barrington Hills barn. They included police and firefighters from Barrington, Barrington Hills, and the Barrington Countryside Fire Protection District.

Donna Ewing, founder of the Hooved Animal Society, created the training course four years ago after realizing some of the first responders personnel working in the heart of horse country had never been around horses.

“In this area, horses can break out and get loose,” Ewing said. “The police didn’t have a clue how to approach them or what to do to capture one that was running down the street.”

The Riding Club of Barrington Hills estimates there are 600 to 800 horses in at least 250 barns in the greater Barrington area.

Officers and firefighters practiced haltering a horse and guiding it to safety. They took turns leading horses through an obstacle course deliberately designed to challenge them. They learned how to capture a horse running at large and what to do if horses are inside a burning barn.

“After horses break out, they can be scared or even injured,” Britton added. “We’re trying to simulate a more active environment, which puts (the horses and the officers) to the test.”

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911 dispatch system news

This video from Last Week with John Oliver combines humor with the real discussion of difficulties being experienced by 911 centers throughout the country … be sure to watch it to the last segment at the end of the video

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Des Plaines FD celebrates 125th Anniversary

This from Drew Smith:

Des Plaines is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year. Check out this website their city’s GIS put together.

A story-map showing locations and containing descriptions of several of the department’s more notable incidents, activities, and emergency calls, along with videos and vintage photographs, may be found at

The photos in the history map capture some of the many events that have demonstrated the Des Plaines Fire Department’s commitment to service and the protection of Des Plaines citizens.

The red Xs are locations of significant events or calls in the department history. The interactive map allows you to zoom to the Xs by scrolling with your mouse, typing in an address at the magnifying glass, or using the + or – buttons. Then click on any X to view photos and information from that event or incident. The green tabs on the top of the home screen allow you to search events based on event type.


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New ambulance for Villa Park

From the Foster Coach Sales Facebook page:

Brand new Horton ambulance on a Ford F450 chassis

new Villa Park FD ambulance

Brand new Horton ambulance on a Ford F450 chassis for the Villa Park Fire Department. Foster Coach Sales photo

new Villa Park FD ambulance

Foster Coach Sales photo

rear of new ambulance

Foster Coach Sales photo

new ambulance interior

Foster Coach Sales photo

new ambulance interior

Foster Coach Sales photo

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