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Overtime payments rise in Elgin

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Elgin’s fire and police departments spent more in overtime in 2015 than in the previous three and five years, respectively, exceeding their budgets by a combined $700,000. The total for both departments was $4.14 million. City officials attributed that to an unusual combination of factors such as employees retiring and being off work due to injuries and illnesses.

The police department was down seven officers from March to October, Cmdr. Ana Lalley said. After new hires, there were 182 officers by the end of the year. “We’re down $100,000 in overtime so far this year compared to last year,” she said.

Fire Chief John Fahy said the department, which numbers about 130 firefighters, had 15 employees out injured or on extended illness last year. “That includes hip replacements, so you’re off for a long time,” he said. So far in 2016 the department is below budget for overtime, he said.

Other factors are the timing of vacations and calls for service that come in at the end of a shift, Fahy and Lalley said. There is rarely a lack of volunteers, and mandated overtime is extremely rare, they said.

The city adopted a low manning, high overtime model years ago to save on costs, Fahy said.

Elgin Chief Financial Officer Debra Nawrocki said it’s 15 percent less expensive to pay for fire overtime because employees’ costs aren’t just salaries but also pensions and benefits. “That’s the math. The decision is up to others,” she said.

The fire department spent $1.715 million in overtime in 2015, or $315,200 over budget, according to city data. That’s the highest total amount since 2013, after which overtime costs had steadily decreased.

Some overtime costs are built into firefighters’ schedules, Fahy said.

Firefighters work for 24 hours, followed by 48 hours off, and get a Kelly Day, or a day off, every ninth day, Fahy said. That yields a 50-hour workweek, which means 10 hours are paid as overtime. Also, when someone is off on a Kelly Day, someone else has to cover, or equipment has to be taken out of service.

Fire Capt. Hollis Miller worked the most straight overtime last year, or 964 hours, to cover for others being off due to injury and Kelly Days. Like many others, he also earned overtime for training and extra administrative assignments, altogether working 1,322 overtime hours and earning nearly $84,000 over his $121,000 salary.

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New brush truck for Pontiac

This from Bill Fricker:

Here’s a photo of the new brush truck at Pontiac, IL  Enjoy the photo.
Pontiac, IL Squad Co.2 – 2016  Ford / Alexis  SK  825  Waterous PB-3030 LE pump  / 300-gbt /10-gal foam.
Alexis brush truck for Pontiac FD

Pontiac, IL Squad Co.2 – 2016 Ford / Alexis SK 825 Waterous PB-3030 LE pump / 300-gbt /10-gal foam. Bill Fricker photo

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Chicago Fire Department news

This from Steve Redick:

BATTALION AND FIELD OFFICER DISTRICTS – For those interested, here are the respective maps as well as a list of all ambulances and their locations

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 12.14.21 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 12.14.37 PM

These can be downloaded: Battalion-Map  Field-Chief-Map

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Still & Box Alarm in Chicago, 5-15-16

This from Drew Gresik:

The Chicago Fire Department Englewood Fire Alarm Office received multiple calls for a fire at 57th and Peoria around 11:30 PM (5/15/16). Englewood FAO started in a working fire response. Engine 50 arrived first in and reported they had a 2-story, ordinary, vacant 25×50 with heavy fire on two and in the rear. Squad 5 then called Battalion 6 who was still en route to the scene, and advised that the heavy fire was now getting into the Side D exposure, which was a similarly-constructed building. Battalion 6 requested a Still & Box as companies pulled out to go defensive. Four lines were led out on an exterior attack. Truck 51 was moved from Side A for Tower 39 to take the front and utilize their aerial master stream. Companies on scene: E50 E84 E116 E54 T51 T18 TL39 BN6 Sq5 2-7-4 RIT BN19 T20 BN5 BN15 2-2-1 A1 A49 4-5-5 4-5-8.

more photos:

Drew Gresik

Chicago FD Truck 51 at a fire scene

Derw Gresik photo

night fire scene in Chicago

Derw Gresik photo

night fire scene in Chicago

Derw Gresik photo

Chicago FD Truck 51 at a fire scene

Derw Gresik photo

night fire scene in Chicago

Derw Gresik photo

Chicago FD Engine 50 at a fire scene

Derw Gresik photo

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