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Evanston 2nd Alarm fire 4-24-13

This from Jeff Rudolph:

From this afternoon’s fire in Evanston. Jeff R.

04/24/13  1937 Hartrey 2nd alarm.
One police officer was treated for smoke inhalation after attempting to make entry into a 2 story home burning on Evanston’s west side. Heat and smoke drove him out, and first in crews where able to make entry and remove one victim. The victim would succumb from his injuries. Command elevated the alarm to a MABAS 2nd alarm. Fire heavily damaged the building of origin and spread to the exterior of the B side exposure house.

This from the Chicago Tribune:

A man died this evening after suffering second- and third-degree burns in a fire at an Evanston home this afternoon, officials said.

The man, believed to be in his mid-60s, died after being taken to Evanston Hospital for treatment of second- and third-degree burns following the fire at a home in the 1900 block of Hartrey Avenue, an Evanston Fire Department spokesman said.

The fire started about 5:15 p.m., and when firefighters arrived they found the man on the first floor of the single-family frame home, where the bulk of the fire was contained, the spokesman said.

The fire spread up to the home’s second floor, but did not do much damage there, and also damaged the siding of a nearby house, the spokesman said.

Evanston firefighters had the fire under control before 6 p.m. Crews from eight other North Shore suburbs assisted in fighting the fire.

Images from the scene.

Evanston FD Truck 22

Evanston Truck 22. Jeff Rudolph photo

Evanston firefighters

Evanston firefighters after overhauling the interior. Jeff Rudolph photo

Evanston FD Engine 25

Engine 21 was on a hydrant. Jeff Rudolph photo

Evanston FD Engine 25

Evanston Engine 25. Jeff Rudolph photo

fatal house fire in Evanston

An Evanston firefighter exits the house. Jeff Rudolph photo

fatal house fire in Evanston

Evanston Battalion 21 and firefighters in front of the house. Jeff Rudolph photo

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New engines for Joliet

From the Fire Service Inc Facebook page, production photos of cabs for Joliet Engine 8 and 9

fire engine being built

Joliet Engine 9 in the cab paint preparation area at E-ONE. Fire Service Inc. photo

fire engine being built

Joliet Engine 8 in E-ONE paint booth having Zolatone Paint appled to the cab interior followed by the chassis frame rails being painted. Fire Service Inc photo

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Lincolnshire firefighters receive award

The Daily Herald has an article describing awards receive by Lincolnshire-Riverwoods firefighters at a recent board meeting. The firefighters were honored for rescuing residents from a house fire in Prairie View on March 7, 2013.

While Fernando Meir was patrolling the parking lot at Stevenson High School on March 7 he saw smoke, went to the home in unincorporated Lake County, dropped on his knees to avoid the smoke and reached family members trying to escape.

The Apple Hill Lane home near Lincolnshire, owned by Jim and Renee McClure, had a raging fire that day as they and three others were trapped on a second-floor porch with no staircase. Renee McClure needed everyone’s help since she was unable to move and on a ventilator due to advancing amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS.

While Meir kept talking with first-responders on a cellphone, the firetrucks sped to the scene, providing a dramatic exchange as the fire raced closer to them. During those same moments, another Stevenson employee, Barry Orgeron, also worked to save the family while Dedra Cummins, who lives nearby, was on her knees attempting to save a family dog.

The three rescuers, along with members of the Lincolnshire-Riverwoods Fire Protection District firefighters and paramedics who helped the family to safety, were honored Saturday after an emotion-packed presentation that included those frantic calls to 911. The presentation was made at fire station No. 53 in Vernon Hills before the monthly Fire District Board meeting.

Those receiving certificates of honor were Meir, Orgeron and Cummins as well as district firefighters Jason Stockton, Tom Burrs, Matt Bacarrella, Kyle Schrems, John McWilliams, Ryan Shay, Ron Swidler and Scott Rhodes.

thanks Chris

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New engine for Evanston

The new engine for Evanston Station 25 was mentioned HERE with a Pierce image. Larry Shapiro submitted a few images of the new engine since it’s been delivered.

Evanston FD Engine 25

Evanston Engine 25 has a 2013 Pierce Arrow XT with a 1,500-GPM pump, 500 gallons of water, and 15 gallons of foam in an on-board tank. Larry Shapiro photo

Evanston FD Engine 25

The rear of Engine 25 shows the chevron striping and low hosebed. Larry Shapiro photo

Evanston FD Engine 25

Pump and production data. Larry Shapiro photo

Evanston FD Engine 25

Waterous pump data. Larry Shapiro photo

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