An Illinois State Tropper was killed last night after a tractor-trailer combination slammed into his stationary car along the inside shoulder of the southbound Tri-State (I294) Tollway roughly half a mile south of Willow Road. The Glenview Fire Department received the dispatch after 11PM. Updated calls reported a truck on top of a police car with fire and a trapped occupant. The response was upgraded to include units from Northbrook. Upon arrival, the Glenview companies found heavy fire involving the truck’s tractor and the car. A request was made to get Prospect Heights Tanker 9 to the scene for additional water. Other Glenview units entered the Allstate property along the west side of the highway. They cut through the fence and stretched a line across the highway to a hydrant.

The truck’s driver was transported to Lutheran General Hospital with burns to his hands, reportedly from attempts at rescuing the trooper, who was pronounced dead at the scene. The patrol car was transported to the Cook County Morgue, where Chicago firefighters worked to separate the remains from the car as Illinois State Police and Chicago Police officers stood by.

Glenview Fire Department Engine 8

Glenview Engine 8 was the first unit on the scene. Tim Olk photo