Tom Clifton informed us of the following:

The new Joliet station 3 off Laraway Rd. on the Chicagoland Speedway property is in service. The Captain of Comapny 3 officially put the old station out of service at approx 07:15 this morning as they made their move.

A previous post HERE shows a drawing of the new station.

The Herald News has an article HERE which includes:

Fire Chief Joe Formhals and Mayor Tom Giarrante uncoupled [a hose] Monday afternoon at a ceremony to dedicate Fire Station 3.

On Wednedsay morning the new facility, which is on the Chicagoland Speedway property off Laraway Road, will replace the 40-year-old station at 319 Grover St.

FEMA sponsored approximately $1.2 million and Centerpoint Properties, which will be serviced by Station 3, donated $100,000 for construction on the land donated by the racetrack.