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Arlington Heights receives new engine

The Arlington Heights Fire Department has received a new Pierce Quantum that will be assigned to Engine 3 (shop #112) and is expected to go into service in early May.

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New Network TV show Chicago Fire – update

The magic of Hollywood continues around Chicago as the production company works to create footage for several episodes of the new show called Chicago Fire. Filming has been spotted at Engine 18’s house which provides a view out the rear of the apparatus bays that shows the Chicago skyline. Some information about the cast can be found HERE.  A recent article HERE details some of the filing, and last week there was a nighttime fire scene that was created near the corners of Franklin Street and Institute Place.

Today they are reportedly shooting a scene with a large wreck and extrication on Lower Wacker Drive near Columbus Avenue.

Our past reports on the show are HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Here is a list of some of the apparatus being used.

Squad 3 is the old 5-1-1, the 1988 spartan/saulsbury 
Truck 81 is a 1996 Seagrave 100' RM 
Engine 51 is a Spartan/Luverne 
Amb. 61 is a Ford/Medic Master
Battalion 25 is a Ford Expedition

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CFD Apparatus History – Ward LaFrance (1973)

Part 3 in the series covering Ward LaFrance and the Chicago Fire Department:

In 1973, Chicago received an additional five Ward LaFrance P80 Ambassador engines. Four of these had 1,500-GPM pumps and were assigned to Engine 23 (D-389), Engine 29 (D-390), Engine 57 (D-391), and Engine 67 (D-392). The remaining engine had a 1,750-GPM pump and went to Engine 74 (D-393). All had 500-gallon water tanks.

Engine 74 with the 1,750-GPM pump had several differences in trim design which gave it a different look than the other 1973 models. The pump panel was painted red and did not have the polished panel like the other units. In addition, the wide steel band which wrapped the front doors and cab face of the other units was omitted from Engine 74.

Unlike the units which came in 1970, these engines had the large company numbers relegated to the rear compartment and another number was on the cab face. Also, “Chicago Fire Dept.” was now lettered on both sides of the cab under the jump-seat window as well as on the cab roof over the windshield. The handrail at the back of the cab no longer ran the full width as these engines had a multi-versal that was stored on the roof.

Chicago Fire Department 1973 Ward LaFrance Ambassador P80 engine 23

Chicago Engine 23 was assigned shop #D-389. Steve Redick photo

Chicago Fire Department 1973 Ward LaFrance Ambassador P80 engine 29

This image of Engine 29 shows the officer's side of the 1973 Ward LaFrance Model 80 engines that were built with the Ambassador series cab. Jack Connors photo

Chicago Fire Department Engine 57 1973 Ward LaFrance Ambassador

Engine 57 had one of four 1973 Ward LaFrance Ambassador engines with a 1,500-GPM pump. Larry Shapiro photo

Chicago Fire Department 1973 Ward LaFrance Ambassador P80 engine 67

Engine 67 received one of the five units delivered by Ward LaFrance in 1973. Jack Connors photo

Chicago Fire Department Engine 74 Ward LaFrance

Chicago Engine 74 had a 1973 Ward LaFrance engine that varied slightly from the others. It had a 1,750-GPM pump and slightly different body styling. Larry Shapiro photo

Shop #D-393, the one unit with a 1,750-GPM pump that was originally assigned to Engine Company 74, was later reassigned to Engine 104.

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