Barrington Fire Department patchIn MABAS Division 4, the Barrington Fire Department and the Barrington & Countryside Fire Protection District cover areas in Lake, Cook, and McHenry counties, plus their district borders areas of DuPage and Kane counties. This district includes the town of Barrington, plus portions of Barrington Hills, South Barrington, Inverness, and Lake Barrington. They are also responsible for some unincorporated areas of Lake, Cook, and McHenry counties. The fire district responds from three stations, one of which is located in Barrington, one is in Barrington Hills, and the third is in Lake Barrington. All stations have at least one engine or quint plus an ambulance, and the district has two tankers to bring water to the many areas that they cover which do not have a system of hydrants.

Their apparatus is a mixture of E-ONE, Pierce, US Tanker, and Wheeled Coach.

Barrington Fire Department US Tanker

An interesting and somewhat complex explanation of fire district coverage throughout the ‘Barrington’ area is addressed in the FAQ section of the Barrington & Countryside FPD website, which states in part that “… there are actually nine fire departments covering the Barrington mailing addresses.”

Who provides my fire and paramedic services?

The Barrington Fire Department provides services to all of the Village of Barrington and the Barrington countryside Fire Protection District. The B.C.F.P.D. covers much of the surrounding Barrington Area. However, there are actually nine fire departments covering the Barrington mailing addresses.

If you are outside of the limits of the Village of Barrington, you can tell who provides your fire and paramedic services by looking at your property tax bill. The bill will identify the fire district you are covered by.
In general, the Barrington Area is covered as follows:

Barrington Countryside Fire Protection District:

  • All of Barrington Hills with the exception of:
    • The N. Side of Plum Tree Rd., W. of Ridge Rd. (Fox River Grove F.P.D.)
    • The S. side of Plum Tree Rd., W. of Rock Ridge Rd. (Fox River Grove F.P.D.)
    • Areas N. of Spring Creek Rd. and W. of Meadow Hill (Fox River Grove F.P.D.)
    • Areas S. in Kane County (Algonquin F.P.D.)
  • All of South Barrington with the exception of:
    • The S. end of Pentwater (East Dundee F.P.D.)
    • All of Windemere (Hoffman Estates Fire Dept.)
    • Star Ln. up to Saucer Circle & Saucer Circle in Magnolia Pointe (East Dundee F.P.D.)
    • Areas S. of the entrance to the South Barrington Club (Hoffman Estates Fire Dept.)
  • Lake Barrington with the exception of:
    • Areas N. or E. of Kelsey and River roads (Wauconda F.P.D.)
    • Areas in McHenry County (Fox River Grove F.P.D.)
  • Inverness:
    • Areas E. of Ela Rd. & N. of Palatine /Rd. (Palatine Rural F.P.D.)
      • Braymore
      • Harrowgate
      • The far W. end of Abbotsford in Chevoit Hills
      • Shetland Hills
      • Whispering Pines
      • The Sanctuary
      • Inverness West
      • Inverlake
      • The W. end of Glencrest
      • Hillshire Estates
      • Cedar Knoll
  • Unicorporated Cook County:
    • Areas E. of Barrington and W. of Deerpath
      • The “College Streets” N. of Cornell
      • Hillcrest Acres
      • Fielding Place
      • Barrington Trails
  • Unincorporated Lake County:
    • Areas near Rt. 59 S. of Scott Rd.
    • Fairhaven
    • Cuba Rd. E. of 59 to Sylvander
    • Cuba Rd. W. of 59
    • Harbor Rd.
    • Hart Rd.
    • Old Barrington Rd. to Country Estates Rd.
    • Country Estates Rd.
    • Countryside Ln.
    • Flynn Creek Rd.
    • Prestwick
    • 18th St. through 24th St., Highland Rd., & Taylor St.
    • Brandt Rd., Merton, and Scott Ave.
  • Unincorporated McHenry County:
    • Hill & Dale Farm

Lake Zurich Fire Protection District:

  • Biltmore
  • North Barrington
  • Deer Park
  • Areas N. of Scott Rd. & E. of 59

Wauconda Fire Protection District:

  • Lake Barrington Shores
  • Lake Barrington not covered by the B.C.F.P.D
  • Timber Lakes
  • Tower Lakes
  • Wynstone
  • Fox River Valley Gardens
  • Areas N. of Miller Rd.

Fox River Grove Fire Protection District:

  • Barrington Hills N. of Spring Creek Rd. not covered by the B.C.F.P.D.
  • Lake Barrington in McHenry County

Algonquin Fire Protection District:

  • Barrington Hills in Kane County

Carpentersville Fire Protection District:

  • Barrington Hills near the corner of 68 & Bateman.

East Dundee Fire Protection District:

  • The South end of Pentwater in South Barrington.
  • Star Ln. to Saucer Ct. in Magnolia Pointe (South Barrington)
  • Rt. 59 S. of Penny Rd.

Hoffman Estates Fire Protection District:

  • Windemere in South Barrington.
  • Barrington Rd. S of the entrance to the South Barrington Club.

Palatine Rural Fire Protection District:

  • All of Inverness not covered by the B.C.F.P.D.



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