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New fire station being built in Joliet

The Joliet Fire Department is in the construction phase of a new station for Station 3.

Joliet Fire Station 3

Joliet Fire Station 3 at 319 Grove Road will be replaced when the new building is completed. Karl Klotz photo

The $1.6 million station  — $1.1 million of which is from a federal grant – broke ground this winter on Laraway Road. When completed, it will replace the station at 319 Grove St.

The article is written around the fact that there are no women currently on the job in Joliet and that the new station will be one of three in the city with separate facilities to accommodate women on the job,

Joliet Fire Station 3 rendering

Rendering of the new station being built in Joliet for Station 3.

Joliet’s new Fire Station No. 3 will have something that the current station does not – separate locker room and bathrooms for women.

Joliet has never had any female firefighters, but Fire Chief Joe Formhals said that streak is not likely to last long.

“We’re going to get a woman on, it’s just a matter of when,” Formhals said. “You have to anticipate that. I don’t think we’re going to get 50 women all at once, but it will add a new dimension.”

Currently, about 200 people are on Joliet’s eligibility list and only four or five are women, Formhals said. When there is an opening, the department starts with candidates at the top of the list.

Formhals said the city hasn’t updated its eligibility list in years due to a virtual hiring freeze, but he hopes to create a new eligibility list and budget for new hires in 2012. More woman firefighter candidates could be picked up by requiring a paramedic certificate, Formhals said, adding the number of women in paramedic training programs are steadily increasing.

The complete article can be found HERE.

Thanks to Dennis McGuire, Jr. for spotting the article.


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recalls from Pierce, Spartan, Daimler Trucks & Ford has an article which details several recalls that deal with fire service vehicles. Recalls involve Daimler Trucks, Pierce, Spartan Motors, and Ford. Some highlights include:

Spartan is recalling (NHTSA #11V-240) certain 2010 and 2011 Furions, Gladiators and MetroStars. Certain telltales (dash indicator lights) do not illuminate when they are intended to (high beam indicator, turn signal indicators), or they flicker. In addition, the ABS lamp may not illuminate when the system is affected by a fault.

Pierce has two recalls in. One, NHTSA #11V255, is for certain 1999 – 2008 Arrow XT, Dash, Lance and Enforcer chassis and equipped with an electronic accelerator pedal. After repeated use with “excessive force” (ed. note: who, us?), the accelerator pedal arm may bend and cause the pedal to move closer to the floor. If the pedal arm bends far enough, the pedal may contact the cab floor without warning and stick in the full throttle position.

Pierce is also recalling (NHTSA #11V-230) certain 2009 – 2011 Arrow XT and Velocity apparatus. The front axles of these vehicles were built with Michelin 365/70R22.5 XZA tires installed on 12.25 inch wide wheels. These tires require 10.5 inch wide wheels to comply with FMVSS #120.

The full article with more in depth information can be found HERE.

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