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Chicago Fire Boat

Dennis McGuire, Jr. sent in this link to the information listed below about the new Chicago Fireboat.

Chicago Fire Boat Boat Information

Overview Principal Characteristics The Schlaeger Construction Photos Acquisition Team
Boat Information   Principal Characteristics

Principal Characteristics

Fire Boat Picture

Concept Design

Principal Characteristics
Overall Length 90′ 0″
Designed Waterline Length 82′ 5″
Beam 25′ 0″
Depth 12′ 2″
Navigational Draft 7′ 6″
Displacement (light ship) 208 LT (approx.)
Design Speed 12 knots
Pumping Capacity 14,000 GPM
NFPA Classification Type 3 with enhanced pumping


Photos of the Schlaeger

Boat Construction Photos

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Several departments coming to the site

As time permits, photographs from the following new departments will be added to the site;

  • Joliet (images from Dennis McGuire, Karl Klotz, and George Reichardt)
  • Crestwood (images from Dennis McGuire and Karl Klotz)
  • Dolton (images from Dennis McGuire and Karl Klotz)
  • Alsip (images from Dennis McGuire and Karl Klotz)
  • CFD Special Operations (images from Hank Sajovic)

The following departments will be updated to include images that are missing:

  • Frankfort (images from Karl Klotz)
  • Tinley Park (images from Karl Klotz and Dennis McGuire)
  • Itasca (images from Larry Shapiro)
  • Rolling Meadows (images from Larry Shapiro)
  • Elk Grove Village (images from Larry Shapiro)

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New Medtec ambulances

Ambulance 15 in Rolling Meadows is slated to be replaced in the next several months with an IHC 4300/Medtec Type I unit.

Ambulance 8 in Elk Grove Village recently received a 2009 Ford E450/Medtec Type III unit.  (sn 8505)

Elk Grove Village Medtec Ambulance

Additionally in Elk Grove, Battalion 2 has a new 2009 Chevy Suburban which is red. This replaces the previous unit that was maroon.

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